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 For Immediate Release
Nov 4, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Reliable Sources Say DNC And White House Behind Desperate Effort

Judicial Watch Is Investigating "Tips" And Will Seek State Criminal Indictments For Any Violation Of Privacy And Constitutional Rights

(Washington, D.C.) In recent weeks, Judicial Watch, through reliable sources close to the Democratic National Committee and The White House, has received evidence that "All the President's Men" have, consistent with Bill Clinton's recent verbal attack on Larry Klayman, set loose their band of investigators to try to smear the public interest law firm. The campaign, which began last week and this week with false and defamatory articles in liberal media, is underway. Judicial Watch, whose 42 lawsuits concerning the corrupt Clinton Administration, the Democratic National Committee, and its new Chairman, Mayor Ed Rendell of Philadelphia (for his apparent complicity in the beatings of peaceful Clinton protestors during the impeachment proceedings), will not be deterred from its quest to obtain justice. Rather through Judicial Watch's own proper investigative efforts, it will expose those persons of the DNC and The White House, and their collaborators, who are participating in the campaign, unmask their illegal actions, and seek criminal indictments from district attorneys for violation of privacy and civil rights. Civil litigation will also be pursued.

"This will be an opportunity to catch the Clinton/DNC investigators red handed, and pursue appropriate punishment," promised Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton. Judicial Watch's many sources, friends and colleagues will support this effort.

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