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Nov 10, 1999 Contact: Press Office



On Issue of Espionage at Commerce Department, Huang Has Taken "Fifth" to Judicial Watch

(Washington, D.C.) Do not be fooled by Clinton Justice Department press spokespersons and Congress, that John Huang, who Bob Woodward has called a Chinese agent, will cooperate and tell the whole truth about Chinagate.

First, the plea agreement with Huang has more "loopholes" than swiss cheese.

Second, true to form, the Clinton Justice Department has "negotiated" a deal which removes the pressure from Huang to tell all that he knows, and what he participated in, concerning the misuse and removal of classified national security information from the Clinton Commerce Department.

Third, by testifying before Congress, Huang's lawyers will cleverly then claim that he is immune from all criminal prosecution, even if he is later found to have been a Chinese spy. They will use the same defense argument successfully used by lawyers for Oliver North, when he testified before Congress on Iran-Contra, and then was indicted, but then his ultimate conviction overturned on appeal due to the prejudice caused by his Congressional testimony.

Fourth, in the Judicial Watch case which sparked the campaign finance and Chinagate scandals, Huang has already been shown to have not testified truthfully under oath, for which the public interest watchdog will be seeking perjury charges. There is no reason to expect he will be any more truthful before Congress. Huang has two choices; one is to continue to lie, and the other is to implicate the Clintons and Al Gore. As Johnny Chung learned, the second choice is fraught with great risk.

"John Huang and his handlers continue to outwit Congress," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

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