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 For Immediate Release
Nov 16, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Agreement for China to Enter into World Trade Organization Inappropriate Now Given Country's Belligerent Acts Towards United States

(Washington, D.C.) Today, Larry Klayman, Chairman of Judicial Watch, issued the following statement:
"In one of my prior incarnations as a trial lawyer prior to forming Judicial Watch in 1994, I was a well-known international trade expert. Based on experience, I do not believe that trade sanctions generally work and am widely considered a free trader. President Reagan agrees. For example, it was President Reagan who removed the grain embargo on the Soviet Union which Jimmy Carter wrongfully applied after entry into Afghanistan - singlehandedly creating a Western European grain industry which decimated United States farmers. However, the situation with China is different. Entry into the WTO is not solely an issue of trade sanctions, given the country's wholesale theft of U.S. national security secrets, effective "seizure" of the Panama Canal, and its continual threats over U. S. anti-missile defense deployment. It was not necessary to agree on WTO entry at this time, and a "no go" will not seriously affect U.S. economic interests. Entry could be considered once the country ceases its belligerent activities against the United States and starts to respect human and religious rights. For the President to enter into an agreement now, smacks of a quid pro quo over the millions of dollars Chinese agents have laundered into his and the Democratic Party's accounts. This is the only conclusion any reasonable person could reach under the circumstances.
Just as Judicial Watch blew the lid off the Clinton Commerce Department over the illegal sale of seats on trade missions and export licenses, it will do the same with regard to the U.S. Trade Representative's office concerning this transparent deal with China. This is not an issue of importing Chinese beanie babies - which the U.S. Trade Representative, Charlene Barshevsky, was illegally caught doing personally a few years ago - this is a deadly serious matter which affects the security of all Americans."

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