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Nov 22, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Filegate and Others Cases Will Likely Go To Trial

(Washington, D.C.) Established in 1994 to fight government corruption, Judicial Watch, Inc., the non-partisan public interest watchdog, has moved steadily to trial in a number of cases, along the way exposing what Representative Bob Barr has credited as a successful effort to uncover about 90% of the corruption in the Clinton Administration. The Clintons and their colleagues have engulfed the capital with over 40 scandals since January 20, 1993.

In the last five years, Judicial Watch's lawsuits have contributed to the demise of the Clintons' first legal defense fund (which was illegal, as it bestowed gratuities), the exposing of the campaign finance and Chinagate scandals -- including the role of John Huang at the Commerce Department -- the cutting off of improper insurance payments by State Farm to fund the Clintons' defense of a myriad of legal matters, and revelations that The White House is behind the misuse of the Internal Revenue Service against critics and legal opponents. Judicial Watch also uncovered the violiation of the Privacy Act by Clinton political appointees and The White House to tamper with Linda Tripp and Kathleen Willey, material witnesses in the Filegate and Lewinsky scandals, and the legal circumstances concerning efforts to silence pathologists who found a 45-caliber size hole in the skull of Ron Brown at the time of his tragic death. Judicial Watch also quashed the first illegal house loan for Bill and Hillary Clinton to purchase a mansion in New York State. Finally, Judicial Watch, in its cases, uncovered that Hillary Clinton is the primary mastermind of the sale of taxpayer-financed government services for political contributions, in addition to her central role in Filegate. "These are just a few of our accomplishments as we near the new millennium," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. For a list of Judicial Watch's 40 plus cases, see

"The next year and beyond, as we head into likely trials in a number of our cases, Judicial Watch will be working at full throttle. We hope to bring about justice much like Dan Petrocelli did in the O.J. Simpson case. When the criminal system failed, the civil justice system stepped in to preserve the interests of justice. While the Clintons illegally use government lawyers to ‘defend' themselves personally -- at taxpayer expense -- Judicial Watch and its supporters must rely on themselves to bring about justice. The future of the rule of law is at stake," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

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