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Nov 24, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Allegation Made By Former Congressman on Judicial Watch Radio Show

Tune in to The Judicial Watch Report at Washington, DC's WRC 570 AM on Wednesday, November 24, 1999

(Washington, D.C.) A former congressman alleged on the new radio show, The Judicial Watch Report, that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was blackmailed by Democrats in Congress over his affair with a congressional staffer. The allegation was made by former Congressman Bob Dornan. Dornan alleges certain Democratic congressmen (including Barney Frank), with information about Gingrich's affair in hand, "jerked Gingrich's chain," thus ensuring that, among other things, Democratic scandals remained largely untouched by the Gingrich-controlled Congress.

Other guests on this week's The Judicial Watch Report radio show include lawyer Barbara Olson, author of the new book "Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton" and Christopher Hitchens, author and writer for Vanity Fair and The Nation.

The Judicial Watch Report is a syndicated weekly radio show heard throughout the country and is carried Wednesday's (tonight) on Washington, DC's WWRC-AM 570, at approximately 11:00 PM (immediately following the Wizards' basketball game). The program is also available on the Judicial Watch Internet site at The show is hosted by Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

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