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Dec 1, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Sheehy Book Reports Hillary Clinton Hired Private Investigator to Smear Women

(Washington, D.C.) Gail Sheehy's new book, Hillary's Choice, provides further evidence that Hillary Clinton is behind the Filegate mentality that led to the effort to destroy perceived adversaries of the Clintons, gather FBI files on Republicans, and use private investigators and others to intimidate, threaten, and smear witnesses. Judicial Watch, the public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes public corruption, has filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others on behalf of those whose FBI files were improperly obtained by the Clinton White House and is awaiting a court ruling on her deposition in the matter.

Sheehy recounts in her book (and on national television last night on NBC's Dateline) how she witnessed Hillary Clinton's "battle mode" reaction to the Gennifer Flowers news events in 1992 - vowing to "crucify" Flowers on the witness stand. Sheehy recounts how Mrs. Clinton orchestrated the effort to smear Flowers and other women associated with Bill Clinton, going so far as to hire private investigator Jack Pallandino, a former colleague from when she worked for a law firm in San Francisco defending the Black Panthers, to dig up dirt on these women to intimidate them into silence. Sheehy also recounts how Mrs. Clinton tried to spread rumors of an alleged affair about President George Bush during the 1992 campaign.

"Sheehy's book further proves what we've been arguing on our client's behalf all along - that Hillary Clinton was the mastermind of Filegate. The pattern of conduct is clear - one can see easily how Mrs. Clinton went from wanting to ‘crucify' Gennifer Flowers with supposed dirt dug up by private investigators to the gathering of FBI files on Republicans and others in Filegate," said Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

Judicial Watch filed a pleading on the Sheehy revelations with the Court yesterday, a copy of which will be available on the Judicial Watch Internet site at

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