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 For Immediate Release
Dec 1, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Clinton Donor Gave New Information on Chinagate to Judicial Watch

Johnny Chung Speech To Group First Public Revelation That DNC Knew Big Clinton Donor Tied To Chinese Military

Clinton Justice Department Has Done Nothing with Chung's Information

(Washington, D.C.) Johnny Chung, the former Clinton fundraiser who has bravely admitted to funneling money from the Chinese military to Bill Clinton's political campaigns, told Judicial Watch on October 5, 1999 that Don Fowler, the then-head of the DNC knew that one of Chung's associates and DNC donor, Col. Liu Chao-ying, was in fact the daughter of the highest-ranking general of China's military. This speech, which was given at Judicial Watch's 5th Anniversary Dinner, was broadcast nationwide on C-Span last month as well. The full transcript of Mr. Chung's speech is available at the Judicial Watch Internet site at

The Washington Times reported today about Chung's new information. The information had been disclosed to the nation via Judicial Watch over one month ago on C-SPAN.

"Through its excellent reporter, Jerry Seper, we're happy The Washington Times reported on Chung's revelations. The scandal is the lack of interest by others - whether in the Clinton Justice Department, the elite Establishment media, and the Clinton Justice Department," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman.

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