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 For Immediate Release
Dec 23, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Finding That Stephanopoulos Lied to the Court Not A Concern to ABC, But Kristol's Conservatism Apparently Is

(Washington, D.C.) Today Howard Kurtz of the The Washington Post reported that ABC dumped Bill Kristol, conservative commentator, from the roundtable portion of "This Week," but George Stephanopoulos the ultra left Clinton political consultant and then former White House official during the discovery of the Filegate scandal, was renewed for his contract. Mr. Stephanopoulos is also a defendant in a slander suit filed by Gennifer Flowers. Kurtz quoted the former ABC "This Week" executive producer, Dorrance Smith, as follows:

"[Kristol] added a much-needed different perspective from a conservative viewpoint, which I don't think they have any interest in trying to fill. They're tone-deaf when it comes to political evenhandedness - Rather than being journalistically honest, they're much more comfortable with people who share viewpoints closer to their own."

"Judicial Watch has experienced the same type of discrimination among the major networks as has Mr. Kristol. Indeed, just last week, an interview by CBS during Judicial Watch's radio show, "The Judicial Watch Report," which was scheduled to run on CBS's evening news, was spiked when Joe Lockhart, Press Secretary of The White House, objected and intervened. For such liberal interests as ABC and CBS to discriminate against a media minority - conservatives -- underscores the hypocrisy of the left and their allies in the elite establishment media. This is why Judicial Watch is creating its own media on the internet, through its radio show, and its soon to be aired 60 minutes-style, syndicated television investigative documentary, which initially will run on the last Friday of each month throughout the United States. The education of the American people in Judeo-Christian principles and respect for the law compliments Judicial Watch's heavy litigation commitment. For unless the American people understand the ramifications of an unethical, immoral, irreligious and lawless society, our country will not survive," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

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