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Aug 5, 1999
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Hillary Clinton's private investigation of Bill Clinton buttresses evidence that she is mastermind and perpetrator of Filegate

Judicial Watch to Cite This As One More Reason Mrs. Clinton Must Testify

She Is Defendant In $90 Million Class Action Filegate Lawsuit

(Washington, August 5) Revelations, as contained in the new book by Christopher Anderson, "Bill and Hillary: The Marriage," that Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton hired a former FBI agent to investigate her husband, Bill Clinton, lends support to compelling independent evidence that Mrs. Clinton was the person who conceived of and implemented Filegate. Indeed, her former FBI investigator, Ivan Duda, must have a file on Bill Clinton himself. In recent days since the revelation, Mrs. Clinton has conspicuously not denied hiring Ivan Duda to gather dirt on her husband.

Many commentators and those who know Mrs. Clinton say that she views people as either friends or enemies. Indeed, Judicial Watch has uncovered during its Filegate class action lawsuit that the Clinton White House and its allies, such as James Carville, keep what effectively amounts to an enemies list. Was Bill Clinton himself on Mrs. Clinton's enemies list, and did she spy on him in an effort to coerce the President into certain actions? The irony and ramifications of this are frightening.

"Whatever the reason for Mrs. Clinton's spying on Bill Clinton, her efforts have produced information, which will be sought by Judicial Watch, which is detrimental not only to her legal interests, but also the President's. More importantly, the revelation about former FBI agent Ivan Duda confirms that Mrs. Clinton has a cavalier attitude about violating privacy rights of others, and is further evidence that she has ruthlessly masterminded and implemented this same type of conduct while in the Clinton White House," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, added, "Dick Morris was right. Mrs. Clinton was responsible for Filegate."

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