Clinton IRS Targeted Conservative Causes
Liberal Groups Ignored

Bill Clinton didn’t invent the politics of personal destruction, but he most certainly perfected the "art." During his tenure, and by any means necessary, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore threatened, intimidated and investigated their political opponents. Borrowing a page from the Nixon playbook and the Kennedy brothers, a central role in this strategy was reserved for the Internal Revenue Service.

It all started back in 1996. Perceived Clinton adversary Joseph Farah and his conservative Western Journalism Center had begun to ask some very tough questions about the questionable circumstances surrounding the death of Clinton friend, business partner and White House Counsel, Vince Foster. Just as the media heat on the Clintons approached the boiling point, Bill Clinton personally ordered an audit of the WJC, and a cutthroat campaign to destroy Joseph Farah and the WJC was launched. Judicial Watch, as it has done for a number of Clinton targets, came to the WJC's defense.

The Clinton IRS was first run by Hillary Rodham Clinton protégé Marjorie M. Richardson, who received a curious promotion from a volunteer in the Clinton-Gore 1992 campaign to IRS Commissioner.

In addition to the targeting of the WJC, dozens of conservative activists and groups have been the subject of IRS harassment, including, the National Rifle Association, the Heritage Foundation, and Judicial Watch clients Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, former White House Travel Office Director Billy Dale, and Katherine Prudhomme, to name just a few.

At the same time, liberal groups have been ignored. Not one liberal activist organization was audited by the IRS, including Jesse Jackson's Rainbow-Push Coalition, despite the fact that Jackson's mistress received thousands in "hush money" payments from the organization.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the conservative groups were audited, while every single liberal group escaped scrutiny," said Larry Klayman. "I’m not sure which is worse; that Bill Clinton's IRS committed this heinous violation of the law, or that the Bush Justice Department doesn't seem to care."