Clinton Private Detective Arrested
Pellicano Was a Key Participant in Clinton Campaign to Intimidate Gennifer Flowers contributed to this report…

What do actor Steven Seagal and Senator Hillary Clinton have in common? Both allegedly hired the same low-life private detective to do their dirty work.

Anthony J. Pellicano was arrested recently for hiring an ex-con, allegedly at the direction of Seagal, to intimidate Los Angeles Times reporter Anita Busch. Ms. Busch was investigating a Mafia extortion plot against the actor. In a scene seemingly taken straight from a "Sopranos" script, Busch arrived at her car to find the windshield shattered and a dead fish in her front seat with a long stemmed rose in its mouth. A sign nearby read, simply, "Stop," obviously referring to her investigation.

According to the man responsible for the intimidation attack, Alexander Proctor, Seagal initially hired Pellicano to do the job. Instead, however, the Clinton-connected private detective subcontracted the job to Proctor. An FBI raid of Pellicano’s office uncovered enough explosives to "bring down a plane or blow up a car," according to the New York Daily News.

Followers of JW’s case on behalf of Gennifer Flowers may recall that it is alleged that Hillary Clinton hired Pellicano in 1992 to discredit Ms. Flowers after she publicly revealed her long-term affair with former President Clinton. Pellicano, who was billed as an "audio recording expert," claimed that Ms. Flowers’ smoking gun tapes of conversations with Bill Clinton were "selectively edited," a bold-faced lie.

The liberal media has, not surprisingly, ignored the Pellicano Clinton connection.

"The fact that Pellicano has been connected to this shameless intimidation campaign should lend further credibility to JW’s arguments in court on behalf of Ms. Flowers," said JW President Tom Fitton. "In both cases, an attempt was made to squash an individualąs First Amendment rights."

Judicial Watch is currently fighting in court on behalf of Ms. Flowers in a defamation lawsuit and ready to depose George Stephanopoulos, James Carville and Hillary Clinton.