An Insiders Perspective on Bill and Hillary Clinton

Judicial Watch President Thomas Fitton:
Welcome to the Judicial Watch Report. Our guest is Dolly Kyle Browning. Dolly, welcome back to the program.

Dolly Kyle Browning: Thanks Tom, good to talk to you.

Fitton: Dolly, given your history with Bill and Hillary Clinton, you have to be interested in Hillary’s new book, Living History.

Browning: You know what Tom? When it comes to fiction, I write my own.

Fitton: Well, you know, the irony here is that even though your book, Purposes of the Heart, was partially autobiographical, it was fictionalized, right?

Browning: Yeah, loosely autobiographical is what we say. Loosely autobiographical, as most first novels are.

Fitton: And you had a relationship with Bill Clinton prior to his becoming president. A relationship that was not appropriate.

Browning: Yes, but fortunately I have at least repented and changed my life while he unfortunately has not.

Fitton: You were, as you have described, Billy’s first "gal-pal," and even though your book was fictionalized about your life, people would have been able to put two and two together and draw some conclusions as to your relationship with Bill Clinton. Obviously, he did not want it published, and Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit that is now active in federal court over his conspiracy to prevent you from having that book published. But the irony is that your book, while fictionalized, is accurate in general respects. Their books, despite being "non-fiction," are not going to be accurate.

Browning: The interesting thing is that my book is psychologically true. Even though the characters are somewhat fictionalized, they’re true in terms of the person’s motivation and the person’s character and what’s going on. This is what is sadly lacking in a book in which Hillary says she was shocked to find out her husband was having an affair. We were both dating him in 1974. At the time, she had her father and her brother come down to Arkansas to check up on him because she didn’t trust him even then. She had lived with him at Yale for a couple of years and she knew who she was dealing with. From how things are described in her book, you’d think that he had never had an affair before or something.

Fitton: Did Hillary know about you?

Browning: Of course she knew about me. She was aware of me in 1972 when he was at Yale and he was running the McGovern campaign and he came down to Arkansas. She knew about me then.

Fitton: And once they were married, you were obviously around Bill generally and she had to have known that you were floating around?

Browning: Well, considering that I was in her house having dinner at her table, yeah, she probably noticed.

Fitton: So this episode that she writes about where Bill allegedly wakes her up in August of 1998, and she’s gasping for air as he admits the affair with Lewinsky, it doesn’t fit anything you know about her, does it?

Browning: That’s exactly right. I said all along that her book would come out, and that this would be the first step in her campaign. That’s what this is all about. That is what everything is about with them. It’s all a power trip. Why do you think they’re still hanging together?

Fitton: Well, how did Bill describe Hillary to you? If Bill were put on the couch and could talk truthfully and deeply as he would with you in moments when Hillary wasn¹t around, what would he say about Hillary? It seems to be a rather strange relationship.

Browning: No, it’s only strange to people who don’t believe in having a relationship that is based entirely on achieving your self-serving goals. There are a lot of marriages that are like that.

Fitton: They were willing to cover up for each other, obstruct justice and intimidate witnesses and destroy anyone who got in their way. That’s why we’re in court on your behalf. Our case is still here. Bill tried to have it kicked out, but it was resurrected by the appellate court, so this is something he’s going to have to deal with eventually. My guess is it’s going to be kicking up when his book is coming out.