Judicial Watch • Police Clueless About Their Missing Shotguns

Police Clueless About Their Missing Shotguns

Police Clueless About Their Missing Shotguns

JANUARY 13, 2006

An arsenal of shotguns and revolvers are missing from Los Angeles County’s second-largest police department and, not surprisingly, officials have no clue what happened.

Depending on the media report, Long Beach (California) Police Department officials are either irresponsible liars or poor record-keepers. Bottom line is that more than a fourth of its shotguns and an unknown number of revolvers are missing. One police official said: “We have absolutely no idea where the guns are. It doesn’t seem we’d know if they were used in a crime and criminals sometimes like shotguns because you can’t match the bullets to the gun.”

In a separate newspaper article, another Long Beach Police official said that every effort is being made to identify where the weapons are, but “we believe that the weapons are still within the control of the police department.”

That doesn’t sound too reassuring.

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