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Judicial Watch • Hillary Clinton Endorsed Communist Control Of U.S. Ports

Hillary Clinton Endorsed Communist Control Of U.S. Ports

Hillary Clinton Endorsed Communist Control Of U.S. Ports

MARCH 02, 2006

During a cross country tour to blast the controversial port management deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and announce her plan to introduce legislation to block it, Hillary Clinton has failed to mention a few important details.

First, is that her fear of port security in the hands of a foreign government–in this case the Arabs – should not stop the flow of money to her husband, who happens to be in the UAE creating a scholarship program for the Bill Clinton Foundation. The Dubai government is said to be donating big bucks.

Secondly, the New York senator has left out how, despite objections from the intelligence community, her husband pushed for deals with communist China after he received campaign contributions from renowned Chinese lobbyist Johnny Chung.

This includes a deal Bill Clinton made with Chinese company, Hutchinson Whampoa, to run the Panama Canal and its ports as well as the administration’s endorsement of another Chinese company, China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), to run the Long Beach Naval base in California.

Now Hillary is singing a different tune, saying that “Port security is national security and national security is port security.”

Red State Son believes Hillary and her liberal pals are using the port deal as an opportunity to flex their fantasy muscle and that the rabid yowling has nothing to do with national security and everything to do with taking full advantage of a political opening.

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