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Religious Visas For Terrorists

A religious visa program used by numerous terrorists to enter the United States continues to be exploited by extremist Muslim groups though federal authorities keep granting the visas, acknowledging rampant fraud in the system. Created in 1990 by Congress, the Religious Worker Visa program allows churches, synagogues and mosques to…

Mexican Separatist School Pushes Marxism, Anti-Americanism

A school in Los Angeles, California, is using taxpayer money to push a radical separatist agenda to its students, according to evidence obtained by Judicial Watch through the California Public Records Act. Academia Semillas del Pueblo (Seeds of the People Academy) was ostensibly established to provide an alternative to traditional…

Criminal Illegals Live Freely In U.S.

Proving that federal and local law enforcement officials can successfully work together to deport convicted illegal aliens living in the United States, a new database that gives local police immediate access to federal immigration files has helped capture hundreds of violent criminals. It took six years after the deadliest terrorist…

Abramoff Finally In Jail

Corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff reported to a minimum security federal prison in Maryland today to begin serving a six-year sentence for a conviction unrelated to his Washington fiasco but rather for a fraudulent deal to buy a fleet of casino ships in Florida. The disgraced lobbyist is still awaiting sentencing…

Millions In U.S. With Expired Visas

Despite its hefty $1 billion price tag, a federal program created by Congress after the 2001 terrorist attacks still can’t track whether foreigners actually leave the country when their visas expire. Because at least four of the September 11 hijackers were in the United States with expired visas, lawmakers created…

American Dream For Illegal Immigrants

Officials at the government agency in charge of preserving and promoting public confidence in the country’s financial systems are encouraging banks nationwide to offer services to illegal immigrants and many have obliged. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has succeeded in getting several large lending institutions to offer a variety…

Hillary To Relive Bad Dream

Perhaps looking to make amends and empowered that her party dominates the United States Congress, Hillary Clinton has threatened to revive the very issue that cost Democrats control of the Senate and House more than a decade ago thanks to her incompetence. The hot-button issue is semi-socialized national health insurance,…

New Leaders Target Own Abuse

The country’s two new Congressional leaders have vowed to reform a controversial practice that they themselves have abused and permits lawmakers to secretly obtain millions of federal taxpayer dollars for special interests in their district. The New Speaker of the House, California’s Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate’s new leader,

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