Judicial Watch • Police Can No Longer Detain Illegal Aliens In Mass.

Police Can No Longer Detain Illegal Aliens In Mass.

Police Can No Longer Detain Illegal Aliens In Mass.

JANUARY 12, 2007

A newly elected governor who believes illegal immigrants should get drivers licenses and in-state college tuition rates has killed a policy that allows state troopers to detain illegal aliens.

Democrat Deval Patrick, a former Clinton Justice Department attorney in charge of civil rights, has only been the governor of Massachusetts for a few weeks and already he rescinded a deal designed to curb illegal immigratoin in the state by involving local law enforcement officers.

After months of negotiations, outgoing Governor Mitt Romney reached a deal with federal authorities that trained state troopers to detain people they determine to be in the country illegally during regular police duties. The officers underwent a month-long training in immigration laws, civil rights and ways to avoid racial profiling.

Deval, who made headlines for becoming the state’s first black governor, evidently believes that it is a waste of time for local law enforcement officers to bother with illegal immigrants. Instead, he said, the cops should focus on making communities safe from gun and gang violence.

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