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Judicial Watch • U.S. Opens First Arabic Public High School

U.S. Opens First Arabic Public High School

U.S. Opens First Arabic Public High School

FEBRUARY 14, 2007

The nation’s first public school with a curriculum mostly dedicated to Arabic language and culture will open next fall in New York and American taxpayers will finance it.

The school will open in Brooklyn in September and will serve 500 to 600 students in grades six through 12. Half of the classes will actually be taught in Arabic and all courses will focus on the culture, which heavily features the religion of Islam.

Education officials say the school will be called the Khalil Gibran International Academy, named after a Lebanese-born Arab writer, painter and philosopher whose work is known around the world.

Although the campus has been named after a peaceful intellect who often wrote about love, there is concern about the actual curriculum since it will teach and promote the religion of Islam. Political Dishonesty calls it hypocrisy since the U.S. Government “frauds” would never start a Jewish school dedicated to the Jewish language and culture or an Irish school dedicated to the Irish language and Catholicism.

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