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Judge Helps Immigrant Smugglers

A powerful legal tool useful in deterring Mexican immigrant smugglers by freezing their money has been struck down by a judge in a state that is considered to be the nation’s busiest illegal alien entry port. Using special court orders, Arizona’s Attorney General has through the years seized $17 million…

Pardons For Drug Dealers, Jail For Border Patrol Agents

President George W. Bush has pardoned 14 criminals, including several drug dealers and a man convicted for bombing a coal mine, but he refused to pardon two U.S. Border Patrol agents sentenced to prison for intercepting an illegal immigrant drug smuggler at the Texas-Mexico border last year. Border Patrol agents…

English Forbidden On Public School Bus

A Minnesota public school district with a huge immigrant population actually punished three children for speaking English on the school bus. The children attend a public school in the St. Paul School District, where roughly 30% of the 41,000 students are Hmong (China and Southeast Asia). Hmongs also make up…

Sandy Berger Compromised National Security

The Justice Department cannot guarantee that Bill Clinton’s national security advisor did not remove original copies of highly classified terrorism documents from the National Archives and the full extent of what he actually took will never be known. A 61-page report released this week by the House of Representatives sheds…

Michigan Supreme Court Feud Escalates

In house fighting within Michigan’s Supreme Court reached an all-time high when a veteran justice issued a scathing memorandum saying that the court’s recently re-elected Chief Justice has a history of abuse of power and repeated disorderly conduct. The blistering 18-page dissent reads more like a juicy novel than an…

Bush Judicial Nominees Withdraw

Evidently conceding to the Senate’s new Democratic majority, four of President George W. Bush’s appeals court nominees have requested that their name be withdrawn from the contentious confirmation process. William Haynes, William Myers, Terence Boyle and Mike Wallace apparently fear what awaits them with a Democratic-controlled Senate and no

Conservative Group Loves Hillary

Hillary Clinton continues to benefit from the loyalty and support of a traditionally conservative religious group whose members were pardoned by her husband in exchange for votes in her first senate race. Although Hasidic Jews are extremely conservative and Clinton is a raging liberal, quite a few attended her post…

Police Sued For Capturing Illegal Immigrants

A state police agency is being federally sued for racial profiling because a trooper apprehended more than a dozen illegal immigrants during a routine traffic stop four months ago. When Rhode Island State Trooper Thomas Chabot confirmed that 14 Guatemalans in the van he had stopped for a traffic violation…

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