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Team Obama Bans Lobbyists But Not Big Donors

Touting the strictest ethics rules in history, Barack Obama announced with great fanfare that lobbyists are barred from his transition team while suspiciously omitting that his coveted advisory board includes top donors who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his presidential campaign. This could certainly give the impression that…

Lawmaker Says Teens Enjoyed Sex Messages

The Republican congressman ousted after sending sexually explicit computer messages to young male interns is justifying his deplorable actions, insisting he did nothing illegal and that his subjects were 17-year-olds just months from being men.   Mark Foley had represented Florida’s upscale Palm Beach area in the U.S. House for…

Christian Persecutors Host U.N. Religious Summit

A Muslim nation that persecutes Christians and has a special police force to ensure that only a narrow Islamic sect predominates in its kingdom is sponsoring a United Nations summit on religious tolerance this week. Further diminishing the credibility of the notoriously corrupt world body, Saudi Arabia is hosting the…

FEC Will Audit McCain But Not Obama

The agency created by Congress to enforce campaign finance laws won’t audit the biggest fundraising operation in political history—Barack Obama’s presidential campaign—despite rampant allegations of fraudulent and questionable donations. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) won’t conduct an embarrassing audit of how Obama raised and spent hundreds of millions of

Montgomery Sanctuary Policy Leads To Youth’s Murder

For the second time in a year police in a Maryland county that offers illegal immigrants sanctuary arrested and released a violent gang banger who went on to commit an atrocious crime, including the brutal murder of a teenage honor student over the weekend.   Both tragic cases involve members…

Judicial Watch Responds To Ariz. Supreme Court Chief Justice

Judicial Watch has responded to false accusations of slander for revealing that the chief justice of Arizona’s Supreme Court agreed to ban the terms “illegal” and “aliens” in all of the state’s courtrooms at the request of the Hispanic Bar Association. On Friday an Arizona Supreme Court official threatened to…

Obama Promises Transparency, Openness

Pointing out that the Bush Administration has been one of the most secretive in American history, Barack Obama has vowed to drastically increase government openness with a new level of transparency and accountability. Obama’s administration will utilize cutting-edge technologies to give Americans access to his administration’s records and he will…

Govt. Won’t Tell Who Got 2 Trillion Tax Dollars

In a blatant disregard for government transparency, the nation’s central banking system is refusing to disclose the recipients of nearly $2 trillion in emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers. Although the Federal Reserve vowed to comply with congressional demands for transparency in the $700 billion bailout of the nation’s financial system,…

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