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Judicial Watch • State DMV Employee Sells Illegal Immigrants Licenses

State DMV Employee Sells Illegal Immigrants Licenses

State DMV Employee Sells Illegal Immigrants Licenses

MARCH 03, 2009

For the seventh time in a few years, an employee in Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles has been arrested for selling drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

Police say the DMV employee in Norwalk received large sums of money to ensure that the illegal immigrants were not required to present identification documents or other required information such as proof of address, citizenship or legal residency. None were required to take license exams. 

Authorities say the state worker, Stacy Dillard, collected the bribes on at least four occasions and she has been charged with violating the Corrupt Organizations and Racketeering Act, receiving bribes, forgery and conspiracy to commit forgery.  

Six other Connecticut DMV employees have been arrested for selling licenses to illegal immigrants in the last few years and at least two are serving lengthy prison sentences for running a large-scale operation, which police say sold nearly 2,000 licenses for a total of $3 million. 

Connecticut has for years offered illegal immigrants sanctuary and in 2007 New Haven became the first U.S. city to offer illegal aliens official identification cards. The coveted ID cards allow the city’s estimated 15,000 illegal immigrants to enjoy a variety of taxpayer-financed public services and open bank accounts.

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