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Jury Convicts Baltimore Mayor

For years at the center of a major City Hall corruption investigation, the notoriously crooked mayor of Maryland’s largest city—famous for being the first black woman to hold the office—has been convicted by a jury of embezzlement. Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was found guilty of embezzling gift cards donated to…

TSA Fails To Secure Airlines

Despite getting hundreds of millions of tax dollars to fulfill its mission, the federal agency created after 9/11 to secure the nation’s transportation system continues to leave airplanes extremely vulnerable to another terrorist attack. In the latest of numerous reports documenting the perpetual blunders of the Transportation Security Administration

U.S. Residency Sought For 9/11 Illegal Alien Relatives

A New York congresswoman has for the third time introduced legislation to grant special U.S. residency to more than a dozen illegal immigrants whose undocumented relatives were killed in the 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attacks.  Democrat Carolyn Maloney, who has represented New York’s 14th district in the U.S. House…

DOJ Probes Lawmaker That Controls Its Budget

The federal lawmaker who chairs the powerful committee that oversees the U.S. Department of Justice has long been under investigation by the agency, creating a dangerous conflict of interest that for years has been ignored.  For three years the Justice Department has been scrutinizing the shady finances of West Virginia…

S.C. Gov. Dismisses Charges As Technical Questions

Perpetually in denial about his deplorable actions, the Republican governor who used taxpayer resources to rendezvous with a mistress in South America is dismissing a state panel’s charges that he violated dozens of ethics laws as merely “technical questions.” For months South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has been under investigation…

131 Ways To Integrate Illegal Immigrants

A special council created by the governor of Massachusetts to help illegal immigrants integrate into society has come up with more than 100 recommendations, including a costly idea that was solidly rejected by the legislature a few years ago. Among the suggestions offered by Governor Deval Patrick’s advisory council are…

N.Y. Atty. Gen. Gets Money From Lawyers With Cases Before Him

A big-state attorney general well known for running a fraud-infested federal agency as a member of Bill Clinton’s cabinet has taken tens of thousands of dollars from law firms representing clients being investigated or charged by his office.  New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Clinton’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary,…

Devout Muslims In Key Homeland Security Posts

Days after a devout Muslim terrorized a U.S. Army base in Texas several news reports remind that two key Homeland Security posts are occupied by equally devout Muslims, one of them a former Los Angeles deputy mayor who eliminated a crucial program that tracked terrorist activities in the city.  …

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