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Another Obama Adm. Tax Cheat

In what may seem like a bad joke, yet another top-level appointee in the Obama Administration for years failed to pay taxes but plans to make amends before getting confirmed.  Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, Obama’s nominee for U.S. trade representative, blew off the Internal Revenue Service for several years…

Calif. Stops Jailing Illegal Alien Repeat Offenders

A state that annually spends $970 million to incarcerate illegal immigrants has notified the federal government that it will stop its longtime and costly practice of locking up convicted aliens who reenter the country after being deported. In a letter to the nation’s Homeland Security Secretary, the head of California’s…

U.S. Pulls Out of U.N. Race Conference

The Obama Administration has finally pulled its “distinguished delegation” out of a United Nations racism conference chaired by a terrorist nation and known for attacking Israel and the U.S.  Why the president even bothered participating in the notoriously corrupt world body’s sham conference is anyone’s guess. After all, U.S. diplomats…

House Kills Ethics Bill

Shortly after approving a spending bill containing thousands of earmarks worth billions of dollars, the House killed an ethics resolution that would have launched a probe into the connection between campaign cash and congressional earmark requests. A Republican lawmaker, Arizona Representative Jeff Flake, sponsored the proposal amid the federal

Judge In Racial Profiling Suit Twin Sister Of La Raza Group President

The federal judge presiding over a racial profiling lawsuit against an Arizona sheriff for cracking down on illegal immigration is twins with the president of an extremist Mexican group that advocates open borders.  Judge Mary Murguia, twin sister of National Council of La Raza President Janet Murguia, will hear the…

New Contracts For Companies That Defraud Govt.

Businesses that defraud the U.S. government, violate national security and a variety of laws continue receiving lucrative federal contracts and other types of taxpayer dollars even though they appear on a database banning them from doing so.  A report (Excluded Parties List System) published by the Government Accountability Office, the…

Big Win For Whistleblowers In Calif.

In a crucial victory for government whistleblowers, the California Supreme Court issued a ruling this week that helps protect public employees who report wrongdoing at their agency. The case involves a worker (Carole Arbuckle) in the licensing department of the state agency that regulates chiropractors, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners.…

Raid Angers Homeland Security Sec.

The nation’s Homeland Security Secretary is furious that immigration officials did their job this week by arresting 28 illegal aliens who used fake documents to work at a Washington state engine plant.  Instead of being commended for their good work, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been blasted by…

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