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Court Spares Another Criminal From Deportation

An illegal immigrant convicted in the U.S. of two separate crimes has been spared deportation by a federal appellate court that determined the violations aren’t serious enough to send the man back to his native Mexico. The ruling marks the second time in a week that the 9th Circuit Court…

First Lady: Childhood Obesity Threatens National Security

Shortly after proclaiming that her husband “has done a phenomenal job” Michelle Obama declared that child obesity is a threat to national security, indicating that perhaps the First Lady is bemused.  It’s hardly the first time that a president’s wife makes ridiculous statements in public (remember Hillary Clinton’s “vast right-wing…

More TARP Corruption, Secrecy

Adding insult to injury, the U.S. government has paid private firms nearly $160 million to distribute funds from its severely mismanaged and fraud-infested program to bail out the nation’s financial institutions.  Rife with waste and abuse the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) has already proven to be a…

Trooper Absolved For Detaining Illegal Immigrants

A state trooper sued for racial profiling after detaining a group of illegal aliens during a traffic stop has been exonerated by a federal appeals court that has ruled the officer acted appropriately. The incident occurred three years ago in Rhode Island when the trooper (Thomas Chabot) pulled over a…

Broke State Spends $75 Mil On Cars, Furniture

As the nation’s most populous state begs for a an exorbitant federal handout to bail it out of a self-inflicted financial crisis, public officials spent tens of millions of tax dollars on furniture, new vehicles and frivolous conferences at luxury resorts.  Despite the budget crisis, California bureaucrats have been loose…

Seriou$ Conflicts For Legislators Probing Toyota

Lawmakers and U.S. government regulators investigating the massive recall of the world’s largest automaker may have difficulty being objective because they have financial ties to the company, tight friendships with its top executives and precious factories that greatly benefit their home state. The federal legislators leading the investigation of

Tattoos Save Convict From Deportation

A convicted felon cannot be deported because tattooed criminals like him are often harassed by gangs and police in his native El Salvador, according to a federal appellate court that overruled both an immigration judge and the Justice Department’s Board of Immigration Appeals. The preposterous ruling was issued a few…

Pentagon Offers Abortion Pill At All Military Bases

Although it’s illegal to fund abortions with federal dollars, the Department of Defense will for the first time in history offer a controversial abortion pill at U.S. military bases worldwide. Best known as the morning after pill, Plan B One-Step will soon become a standard part of every military medical…

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