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Utah Senate Leader Quits Amid DUI

A prominent Republican who for years sponsored and supported laws to curb drunken driving has resigned as Utah Senate Majority Leader after getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.  Sheldon Killpack, a Utah state senator for the last six years, was booked over the weekend after getting pulled…

Secret Senate Hideaways Exposed

As the nation’s financial struggle seems to worsen taxpayers are funding lavish secret capitol hideaways for all 100 U.S. Senators, many of them with private bathrooms, fireplaces and fancy accessories.   The covert spaces, which are additional to official legislative offices, have no room numbers or names and many are…

Census Multilingual Ad Campaign Assures Illegal Aliens

The U.S. government has launched and unprecedented $133 million advertising campaign—in dozens of languages—to promote the census with the Spanish ads assuring the decennial count is confidential and cannot divulge respondents’ immigration status. Billed as the most diverse outreach campaign in U.S. history, the never-before-seen promotional blitz will include

Disgraced Pol Compares Self To MLK

A criminally charged and ethically challenged Florida politician who compares herself to Martin Luther King claims the state statute that led to her removal is unconstitutional because it gives the governor “unfettered discretion” in deciding who to suspend.  Miami City Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones has twice been suspended by Florida Governor…

N.Y. Senate Leader Embroiled In Fraud Scandal

The scandal-plagued majority leader of the New York State Senate used tax dollars earmarked to fund healthcare for the poor to enrich himself and advance his political career, according to the state’s Attorney General.  Bronx Democrat Pedro Espada illegally funneled money from his network of nonprofit health clinics to a…

U.N. Fraud Probes Cut Amid Growing Corruption

The famously corrupt world body with a multi billion-dollar annual budget largely funded by the U.S. has drastically scaled back on fraud investigations, leaving numerous confirmed cases of theft and waste up in the air and allowing many more to continue unchallenged. Long known as a severely mismanaged cesspool of…

Utah First To Give Illegal Aliens Special Driver’s Licenses

Utah has proudly become the nation’s first state to offer a special class of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants who will be ineligible to obtain the cards when new federal security standards kick in. Another illegal alien sanctuary state (Wisconsin) considered offering the same benefit but the measure, inserted into…

Lawsuit: Prosecutors Must Donate To Boss’s Campaign

A veteran attorney in a Kentucky county prosecutor’s office claims she was fired for reporting that her boss, an elected official, illegally pressured lawyers in the department to donate money to his political campaign and party.  Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell used the "fear [of] his wrath" to pressure assistant…

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