Judicial Watch • ACORN Guilty Again; Obama DOJ Still Won’t Investigate

ACORN Guilty Again; Obama DOJ Still Won’t Investigate

ACORN Guilty Again; Obama DOJ Still Won’t Investigate

APRIL 07, 2011

The criminal enterprise that Obama’s Justice Department refuses to investigate despite extensive evidence of fraud and corruption is guilty of a felony in yet another state.It marks the latest of many legal defeats for the Chicago-based community group known as ACORN, famous for illegal voter registration drives, embezzling federal funds and a tight knit relationship with the president. In fact, Obama once worked at ACORN and the group’s massive campaign drives helped him get elected in 2008.Facing more than a dozen felony charges in Nevada, ACORN pleaded guilty to one count this week for illegally paying canvassers to register voters during the 2008 presidential campaign. The deal means that ACORN will avoid going to trial, which was scheduled for later this month in Las Vegas. A judge will determine the sentence on August 10, according to a spokeswoman for the Nevada Attorney General’s office, the prosecuting agency.Since ACORN is a corporation, it will only be fined and there will be no prison term, the Attorney General’s spokeswoman told Judicial Watch. The fine is expected to be a maximum of $5,000. In November the ACORN supervisor overseeing the illicit  Nevada voter registration scheme pleaded no contest to two counts of conspiracy.ACORN has a long, sordid history of election fraud and questionable hiring and training practices. The group has been busted for forging voter registration applications in key battleground states and submitting falsified forms in more than half a dozen others. In 2007 ACORN settled the largest case of voter fraud in the history of Washington State after seven workers were caught submitting about 2,000 fake registration forms.Last fall a federal investigation revealed that the crime-infested community organizationembezzled millions of taxpayer dollars for “housing counseling” and destroyed documents to hide the fraud. The probe, conducted by the inspector general for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) also determined that ACORN violated federal laws and policies by spending its “housing counseling” funds to pay the salaries of its employees, even after they were terminated.Incredibly, the Obama Justice Department has failed to conduct a criminal probe of ACORN, which has assumed a new identity (“restructured” and “rebranded”) to shed its criminal history and keep its public funding. In fact, last spring Judicial Watch uncovered FBI recordsthat reveal the Obama Justice Department actually killed a federal investigation of ACORN.Judicial has been the leader in exposing ACORN and its affiliated organizations in the last few years. Click here to see public records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act as well as lawsuits filed against the government to obtain documents relating to ACORN’s federal housing grants and its involvement with the 2010 U.S. Census.

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  • Jkirk3279

    Let me ask you something. Warning: it will require actual thought.

    If your claims were true, “famous for illegal voter registration drives” or “forging voter registration applications in key battleground states”, why would that benefit anybody?

    ACORN hired people to pass out voter registration cards, and a few jerks tried to meet their quota by filling in cards with the name “Mickey Mouse”.

    Now, unless Mickey Mouse shows up on Election Day, there’s no harm done. And since Mickey lives in California, and is pretty famous, he’s not likely to be voting in Chicago or Ohio.

    If there were any concerted attempt to create false voters, here’s what you would require:

    1) a long list of people that had valid ID’s, that lived in a given precinct, and had recently died.

    2) a long list of volunteers that would be willing to risk prison by going to the precinct, pretending to be “John Smith”, and vote in his name.

    3) a fleet of busses to ferry these people rapidly from precinct to precinct; you only have ONE day to pull this off.

    You can get the first item out of the newspaper obituary page.

    But the problem is, a lot of people READ the obituary page. Recently James O’Keefe pulled one of his political stunts, attempting to illegally register people to vote in the Republican Primary. And they had to run for it several times because the stolen ID was recognized by a poll worker.

    Let’s say one in seven of your volunteers gets caught at any given attempt to vote and has to run for it. Can’t get away in a bus, now can you?

    Wouldn’t that make the headlines?

    You might find volunteers, or pay people to commit this crime. But you’d have to pay them a lot; it’s illegal and could earn jail time.

    And now the real problem. Even if you concentrate on the closest of the races in question, you’d need THOUSANDS of people to swing even the closest race.

    Many States have a 1/2% rule. If the vote total is within 1/2 of one percent, there’s a mandatory recount.

    1/2 % of the voter turnout in, say, Ohio, 2008, would have been 26,000 people !

    If you don’t beat that number, you’ll start getting some close scrutiny.

    What happens when the names on the sign-in sheet start to show up as deceased?

    Finally, if you have to manufacture 26,000 votes just as a minimum, you’ll need sixty-five buses, ferrying 3,000 people from one polling place to another, given an hour at least per vote, and hitting eight different precincts !

    Wouldn’t SOMEBODY notice all those buses? COME ON, THINK !

    The alternative would be bribing 26,000 people to vote twice ! And since that’s barely enough, make it 50,000 people !

    You think NOBODY would brag, eventually? Any political Party that was caught would be DESTROYED.

    This is why voter fraud is less likely than being struck by lightning.

    It’s too hard, it’s too expensive, and it’s too risky.

    Only FOOLS believe in it.

    The real success strategy is seeding electronic voting machines, and paying the company to rig the results.

    No paper trail, little risk of being caught, and only a few people to pay off.

    Call Diebold, they’ll make you a good deal.

  • FinaBiscotti

    I know about the corruption in New Orleans with ACORN – that has kept corrupt career politicans in office – even while under indictment.

    After the ACORN offices were raided in New Orleans, the investigation of ACORN by state and federal authorities was derailed – through the convenience of a Man-Made Disaster with an Oil Rig Explosion, killing 12 people and Massive Oil Spew for over NINETY days – with the dangerous and toxic dispersant COREXIT killing everything in its path – as maliciously intended – as Acts of ECO-TERRORISM. Surely depleted the BUDGET (ACORN investigation) for the State of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast States – especially with Obama refusing to honor or accept the Constitutional Authority of the Governors of the United States of America – or communicate with them – during the worst environmental disaster in US history.

    (bare w me) Salazar falsifying the report by Obama’s panel of experts – as a COVER-UP to obama’s Hostile Government Takeover of another US industry = Oil Drilling – were Acts of POLITICAL TERRORISM. It is time for intentional Falsifying US Govt records to become felonies – whether they work in our US Govt or not. Salazar has never been held accountable – even when the panel of experts exposed that Salazar had falsified their report – to give the false impression it was their determination. When the letter sent by the panel of experts to the WH was ignored, requesting Obama retract what he was claiming as their determination, the panel of experts went public and disavowed what Obama had claimed. The panel of experts also exposed the fact that Salazar had given them instructions to issue a report so that Obama could stop all oil drilling but had informed Salazar from the very begnning = “to halt all oil drilling would be more dangerous than drilling”.

    This is a Criminal conspiracy – and cause for oil companies to file a Civil Racketeering complaint w RICO statutes – when the Obama Administration was trying to force people to devise a false report to accommodate Obama’s PERSONAL Pursuits and when the people issue the report and it does not follow Obama’s bidding, Salazar as a US Govt official falsifies the report – as a Cover-Up to Obama’s hostile government takeover to to destroy US oil drilling companies – along with destroying Jobs, oil-industry related businesses and livelihoods. What occurred is a Crime against The US Constitution.

    Lawsuits had been filed, Obama and Salazar refused to lift the ban, refuse to re-issue permits to US companies whose permits were ILLEGALLY revoked; obama was placed under a court order – held in contempt – to no avail. But Obama and Salazar have no problem issuing permits to “new” drilling operations/companies from Communist China, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico – drilling in the same waters in the Gulf of Mexico. British Petroluem – whose shoddy operations caused the Oil Rig explosion and Massive Oil Spew, is now back drilling in the Gulf of Mexico – in deeper waters than the Macondo well that exploded. These corrupt machinations are intended to “loot” our natural resources – and to prevent US companies from conducting business, that creates Jobs.

    While ALL of this has been going on, I tried to think up ways for the American people to be able to donate to the State of Louisiana – to help finance the investigation of ACORN coming out of New Orleans – since it is my understanding that officials went before a congressional committee in Washington DC to inform them it would cost about $5 MILLION – w ACORN having over 600 bank accounts, co-mingling funds w SEIU. It is my understanding this trip to Washington, DC was fruitful= funding would be provided. However, all things changed when the Oil Rig exploded.

    The legality of setting up something that the American people can donate to – is what seems to be the problem when calling to the Louisiana State Attorney General’s office. They say they have never had a situation wherein people want to donate to finance an investigation.

    Does anyone have any ideas how this can be done? I am not interested in handling any money – just interested in soliciting for donations for the ACORN investigation – directing the money to be sent to a legal entity. Can Judicial Watch do it?

    If 1 Million people donate five dollars = $5 Million…….

  • FinaBiscotti

    I agree with “Rid500″ – Obama is the bought-and-paid-for-Stooge of George Soros – so that Soros can run/ruin The White House. It is a dangerous combination – since both are morally crippled human beings, evil smart – passing themselves off as humanitarians. Otherwise, they would be bringing people together, instead of tearing everyone apart – w their False Narratives.

    God Bless America – God Bless our American Troops!

  • Rid500

    Check out George Soros and you will understand why nothing is being investigated. He controls Acorn and many other organizations. I feel Obama is his plant.

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