Judicial Watch • FBI Should Release Obama’s Blagojevich Interviews

FBI Should Release Obama’s Blagojevich Interviews

FBI Should Release Obama’s Blagojevich Interviews

DECEMBER 08, 2011

Now that Rod Blagojevich’s corruption trial is done and the disgraced Illinois governor has been sentenced, the FBI’s extensive interview with President Barack Obama related to the case should be made public.

After all, Obama and his top aides—including Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett—were prominently mentioned at both of Blagojevich’s federal trials in Chicago because he was charged with trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated when Obama got elected president. For all intents and purposes it was one of the biggest political scandals of modern times.

The nation’s commander-in-chief and his top aides were subpoenaed (only Emanuel testified) as were records associated with the mystery FBI interview, which took place after Blagojevich got criminally indicted. In the end, Blagojevich got convicted of 18 corruption charges and, this week, was sentenced to 14 years in prison, making him the fourth Illinois governor in recent history to serve time.

Throughout the scandal, the White House has insisted the president had nothing to do with Blagojevich. However, in 2009 Judicial Watch obtained documents from the Illinois Governor’s Office that prove Obama and Blagojevich had repeated contact after Obama became president. They include a letter from Obama to Blagojevich less than a week before the crooked governor’s arrest.

Judicial Watch has a long-standing public-records request to access the now famous FBI interviews with Obama, Emanuel and Jarrett relating to Blagojevich’s corruption case. The “most transparent” administration in history has refused to make the information available and has also denied requests to explain the president’s involvement in the Blagojevich scandal or the nature of the FBI interrogations.

What we do know is that court testimony at both trials (the jury hung the first time and Blagojevich was retried) indicates that Obama was embroiled in the scandal. Judicial Watch covered both trials in the same Chicago federal courtroom where witness after witness indicated top-level White House involvement in the Senate-appointment scheme.

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  • billy396

    The American public wil NEVER see any true transcripts of any FBI interviews with Obama or anyone else remotely related to this scandalous administration. The fact that Obama conned his way into the office as a leftist, part-time Senator with absolutely ZERO experience is a shameful and lasting stain on this country. Obama has exported Chicago-style thug politics into Washington, D.C., which was already horrible and rife with corruption. Once in office, Obama predictably did an about face on ALL of his oft-repeated vows of the “most transparent and bi-partisan administration in history”. His FIRST executive order had nothing to do with his job as President, it covered his most important flaws – HIS RECORD AND BACKGROUND. How’s that for transparency. On a side note, if this “man’ is reelected, there will be no return to a Constitutional Republic in America. If you think Obama’s over-reaching power grabs have been bad so far (and they have been the worst in history), just wait until he doesn’t have to worry about reelection. How far will the American sheep allow this man to go? He has repeatedly and with malice shown that he cares NOTHING about the Constitution, nor does he care about what the American people want or need. A “President” that ignores the Constitution, federal law, and even common courtesy, will truly destroy what’s left of our liberty as American citizens. For all of you people who voted this criminal into office, I hope you suffer a thousand times as much as the people who still care about the Constitution and the rule of law. Your descendants will curse the day you were born. Anyone who still supports this “man” is a traitor and a treasonous fool who would gladly curse your own children and grandchildren to a life of slavery to the federal government. May you all rot. To those who might take offense at this comment, please know that I did everything possible to minimize your responsibility in the death of our once-great nation. As John Adams said “Facts are stubborn things.”

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