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Only 1% Of Northern Border Secure

While the Department of Homeland Security claims terrorists are more likely to enter the United States through the northern border than the south, the agency secures only a tiny portion of the area though it assures that agents maintain “situational awareness” along dangerous stretches.Less than 1% of the 4,000-mile U.S.-Canada border is…

Obama Donor Brought U.S. Embassy To “State Of Dysfunction”

An Obama fundraiser awarded a cushy European ambassadorship after bundling more than half a million dollars for his presidential campaign ran her U.S. embassy like a hostile dictator, spent government funds on booze and bullied staff.Here comes the good part. State Department leadership (that includes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton)…

IRS Gives $33 Mil In Bogus Electric Car Credits

The government agency that’s showered prison inmates with millions in fraudulent tax refunds over the years has been cheated out of $33 million by thousands who “erroneously” claimed credits for alternative and plug-in electric vehicles.In automatically granting the bogus tax credits the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was simply following an…

Colorado May Subsidize Illegal Immigrants’ College Education

As more states push for stricter immigration enforcement one is bucking the trend, instead working to help illegal immigrants by offering them a taxpayer-funded benefit that should be reserved for legal U.S. residents and citizens.Colorado lawmakers are on the verge of passing legislation to give illegal immigrants discounted in-state tuition at public

Census Data Skewed By Faulty Computer System

In a classic case of government incompetence, a faulty computer system likely skewed 2010 census data just as federal auditors predicted nearly a year ago in a lengthy report to Congress.Because appropriate action was not taken to correct the problems, crucial census figures—used to determine seats in the U.S. House…

Calif. Agencies Refuse To Disclose Public Salaries

In the aftermath of a huge corruption scandal in a tiny city, California’s controller is working to make public the taxpayer-funded salaries of all state employees but dozens of government agencies refuse to provide figures.Of the state’s 900 local government agencies more than 172 have flipped the finger at the controller’s…

Napolitano Touts “Unprecedented” Border Security Plan

In a perpetual state of denial, Janet Napolitano insists that security along the Mexican border has been strengthened “in a way that many would not have thought possible,” even as drug-cartel violence reaches epic proportions and routinely spills into the U.S.The delusional assessment from the nation’s Homeland Security chief comes…

Govt. Job For State Official Ousted In Joe The Plumber Scandal

The ousted state official who abused public resources to campaign for President Obama and illegally access confidential information to retaliate against “Joe the Plumber” has scored a lucrative government job that pays her more than the last one.Her criminal behavior got her booted from her previous taxpayer-financed position, but Helen…

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