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Border Patrol Agent Hides Illegal Immigrants, Drugs

In the latest of many scandals to rock a Homeland Security agency charged with protecting the Mexican border, a federal agent in southern California has been arrested for hiding illegal immigrants and drugs in a secret underground bunker at his home.The U.S. Border Patrol agent, Marcos Gerardo Manzano Jr., evidently operated an…

Feds Sue N.Y. For Millions In Medicaid Fraud

A year after a congressional audit exposed exorbitant fraud and abuse in the federal government’s insurance program for the poor, the Justice Department is suing New York City for cheating it out of tens of millions of dollars in the last decade.Corruption in the Medicaid program is nothing new but the complaint,…

Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Blown On Failed Clean Energy Co.

A “clean energy” company that got nearly $60 million in taxpayer money from a governor famous for his costly leftwing policies is closing shop and laying off hundreds of workers.The scandalous deal was sealed a few years ago by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who promoted it as essential to the…

Free Govt. Marijuana Via “Compassionate” Drug Program

For three decades the U.S. government has a supplied a successful Florida stock broker with free marijuana as part of a “compassionate” drug program and the enraging details are available in his new book partially titled “How I Convinced the Federal Government to Provide my Marijuana.”A local newspaper has published…

Border Crossing Shut For Security Reasons To Reopen Unmanned

As Mexican drug violence reaches epic proportions, Homeland Security officials prepare to reopen a remote port of entry—closed years ago for security reasons—as an unmanned border crossing monitored by federal agents hundreds of miles away.Known as the Boquillas crossing, the port of entry is located in southwest Texas’Big Bend National Park, an…

Bill To Let “Exemplary” Illegal Immigrants Become U.S. Citizens

A United States congressman dedicated to fighting harmful anti-immigrantlegislation has introduced a bill to change a decades-old federal law so that “exemplary” illegal aliens can obtain American citizenship.California Democrat Joe Baca actually wants to amend the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act so that underage illegal immigrants can become U.S. citizens.

National Security Threatened By Global Warming Diseases

Less than a year after a U.S. government report claimed global warming causes mental illness and cancer, intelligence and health officials assert that it will also create a national security threat by spreading disease among people and animals.This extremely “worrisome” consequence of climate change has been ignored for more than a decade…

Gov. Kills Immigration Laws In Name Of Economic Growth

Rhode Island’s new governor has killed crucial measures to crack down on illegal immigration for the sake of statewide economic growth and prosperity in “immigrant-rich areas.”Just a few days on the job, Democrat Lincoln Chafee wasted no time issuing executive orders to accommodate illegal aliens, assuring that “Rhode Island can grow economically…

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