Judicial Watch • Clinton Judge: Students Can Sue To Reinstate La Raza Studies

Clinton Judge: Students Can Sue To Reinstate La Raza Studies

Clinton Judge: Students Can Sue To Reinstate La Raza Studies

JANUARY 12, 2012

Students can sue their public school district for violating their First Amendment right by eliminating a radical La Raza studies program that ignites racial hostility, teaches disdain for American sovereignty and illegally segregates students by race.

Only in America would a federal judge rule that a U.S. taxpayer-funded institution can get sued for refusing to provide such a divisive program that one instructor denounced for igniting racial hostility. The case involves the Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican Raza Studies program, nixed after state legislators banned funding for ethnic studies curriculums that advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Tucson’s controversial La Raza curriculum was created in 1998 to promote the Chicano agenda. Years later it was renamed “Mexican-American Studies” to sound less extremist. In 2010 Arizona’s legislature passed a measure (HB 2281) banning taxpayer-funded schools from offering classes that are designed for students of a particular race and promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group (in this case whites).

A group of Tucson district teachers sued in federal court to keep the Chicano program, claiming that it would be unconstitutional to eliminate it because it would restrict free speech. In their complaint, the teachers said their free speech had been impermissibly infringed by the state. They further asserted that students who take the La Raza courses score higher on standardized tests, graduate from high school at higher rates, improve their overall grades and have better school attendance records.

A federal judge rejected the teachers’ claims, but this week ruled that students have a standing to sue the district for killing the La Raza studies program because they’ve made a “plausible showing of a First Amendment violation” based on allegations that “viewpoint-discriminatory criteria” are being used to remove texts and materials from the curriculum. The Clinton-appointed judge, A. Wallace Tashima, also said that “at some point in the future students may be able to make a stronger showing that irreparable harm is likely….” though they have not yet met the criteria.

The Tucson program first gained national attention when a Hispanic history teacher who taught in it denounced the curriculum’s biased theme that Mexican-Americans are victims of a racist American society driven by the interests of middle and upper-class whites. Kids were taught that the southwestern United States was taken from Mexicans because of the insatiable greed of the Yankee who acquired values from the corrupted ethos of western civilization, the teacher wrote in a newspaper opinion piece.

Students also learned that California, Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas are really Aztlan, the ancient homeland of the Aztecs, and still rightfully belong to their descendants, people of indigenous Mexican heritage. Also, the former Tucson teacher said, students were told that few Mexicans took advanced high school courses because their “white teachers” didn’t believe they were capable and wanted to prevent them from getting ahead.

The curriculum engendered racial irresponsibly, demeaned America’s civil institutions, undermined public servants, discounted any virtues in western civilization and taught disdain for American sovereignty, according the teacher. He also revealed that many of the instructors who taught the courses were not certified to teach.

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  • dustyazn8

    La Raza is nothing more than a leftist anti-American radical nut group that want to have all the illegals they can get to walk into our nation and take from us all they can!!!! La Raza wants to see as many mexicans in as may positions possible…between the mexicans and the muslims; we are fighting a very large anti-American, ant- freedom, anti-liberty fight INOUR OWN NATION FOR HEAVEN SAKE BY PEOPLE THAT DO NOT BELONG HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!….when are the REAL AMERICANS and citizens going to wake up and take up the fight stopping these yo-yos from trashing our nation?

  • Kamaatz

    The schools should not be teaching the latina agenda. This is America and if they want the latina agenda, they can go to mexico where they belong. I’m tired of this country pandering to the latinos, especially if they are illegal.

  • Randy Petty

    Ok so let them sue, then check for legal resident status before they can attend public school at all. Problem solved, laRaza studies gone.

  • Laura L. Leighton

    As a former paralegal, we can refute this lawsuit in several ways that I see:

    1. Tucsonans (as myself) must not be forced to pay for some other ethnic group’s special privileges to have their history, etc. taught and force Tucsonans to pay for just theirs! My parents were immigrants (this word means people who come legally! They came to be American and left the old country behind. If these kids wish to be Mexican, they can go back to Mexico. Also, all immigrants if they want their children to learn about their background, send them to a library or teach them at home. Americans should not and MUST NOT be forced to pay for their culture.
    2. The schools have little money and have even spoken about taking away Music and Art from our schools. Why are we spending money on one ethnic group’s culture when there is not enough money to cover the basics?
    3. If you are going to teach one culture’s history, etc., THEN BE FAIR ABOUT IT AND TEACH ALL ETHNIC CULTURES – THIS WOULD, IN EFFECT, BANKRUPT THE SCHOOLS COMPLETELY SO then I go back to saying, no one is stopping the parents of these children to teach their kids at home and even send t hem to the library if they want more data.
    4. However, the real problem is even worst! These kids are being taught lies: instead of teaching them an unbiased and truthful view of history, they teach them that “whitey” wants them to fail. (Read “Message to Aztlan” by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales where whitey is to blame for everything similar to Rodolfo Acuna of Occupied America where he distorts American history and blames the white man for everything in the world it appears!). They teach “hate the gringo” and “Kill the gringo” and push Communism saying “We must destroy Capitalism” (Message to Aztlan). He even has a poem called “REVOLUTION” Telling the kids the “answer lies in the powder keg” and tells the American Indians (whose culture and history Mexicans are stealing saying they owned this land for 40,000 years when they only owned it the least of everyone for 24 yrs. after stealing it from Spain who owned it for 300 yrs.). He tells the Indians to “take scalps”. Another book called “Borderlands” refers to blacks as “mayates” which means “niggers”. The reason they have gotten away with this for so long is that no one at all checks to see what books or materials are being taught! So the radical teachers have a free hand to teach whatever they want. One of their materials is The Spiritual Plan of Aztlan telling the kids the schools will be used as defense posts and what they do will no longer be called “acts of juvenile delinquency” but “Revolutuionary Acts”!!!
    5. Also, if you let these radical teachers stay in school and teach these kids, they will find a way to teach them this cr-p when no one is looking just by giving them a radical website to look up and read everyday as just one of their assignments. And further, it is a felony to teach the overthrow of our nation with a sentence of up to 20 yrs. – and that is a possibility that they be accused and prosecuted of same!

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    No race-based, hate studies on our tax dollar dime! It is time for Libtards to pay their own way just the same we capitalists and free market Patriots pay ours. By the way, we actually give MORE to Society than we take, unlike our Progressive/Marxist doper brothers.

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