Judicial Watch • Obama DOJ: Growth in Violent Crimes Against Whites

Obama DOJ: Growth in Violent Crimes Against Whites

Obama DOJ: Growth in Violent Crimes Against Whites

OCTOBER 19, 2012

Not only is the U.S. economy in shambles, violent crime is at an all-time high and new federal statistics show that 2011 saw the biggest increase in criminal activity in nearly two decades with a large boost in the rate of “violent victimizations” for whites.

The rate of violent crime increased by a whopping 17% last year, according to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), marking the biggest jump since 1993. Property crimes also went up 11% last year. That means that in 2011 there were nearly 6 million violent victimizations and more than 17 million property victimizations, according to the DOJ figures.

In an apparent effort to downplay the alarming statistics the feds explain in a press release that the swelling of violent crime is due to an increase in the number of aggravated and simple assaults. There was no “statistically significant change” in the number of more serious crimes such as rapes, sexual assaults and robberies, according to the explanation.

The Obama Administration also asserts that the 2011 increase appears so large because crime rates were at historically low levels in 2010. The bottom line is that violent crime is growing at a much faster rate than the economy. One liberal news website quoted renowned criminal justice professor saying that the stagnant economy may be driving more Americans to break the law. It’s part of “larger problems,” the expert says.

Here are more unsettling statistics buried deep in the DOJ’s new crime report; there has been a large increase in the rate of violent victimizations for whites, Hispanics and younger people. That means white non-Hispanics and Hispanics experienced an increase in violent victimization rates, while the rate for black non-Hispanics was stable, according to the DOJ stats.

Additionally, crime rate in the suburbs is growing much faster than in the cities or rural areas, the government figures show. In 2011 suburbanites suffered a 20% in violent victimizations, according to the DOJ. Keep in mind that the feds admit in their report that the figures are probably much higher since only about 50% of violent victimizations were reported to police.


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  • http://mysteresmoonbatslayerclub.blogspot.com/ mystere

    Pookie Toot-Toot, did you bother to look when this post got published, or did Satan flip the switch on and short circuit your 0bamabot microbrain?

  • Lester

    Oh! The tin foil hats on the right are on tight today! Idiots.

  • sebadiaz

    I m studying the structure of violent crimes in the usa and I m not surprize by this criminality evolution.
    In my status, I can distinguish the violent community and the non violent area. The most interesting thing is that the white race is really connected to stable family with a work a solid mariage with children and graduate. It s normal from an external point of view that this community should be more impacted by the increasing of criminality.
    My site is : http://sebastiendiazcrimesanalysis.blogspot.fr/

  • libertarian4339

    These stats represent the horrific increase in black on white mob attacks that have been reported all over the net and on youtube.

    They’ve always been numerous, but now they’ve escalated to epidemic proportions for the last three plus years. Thank god for Judicial watch and thank god for World Net Daily’s Colin Flaherty, who is reporting on them quite frequently now.


    Incidentally, Flaherty has a book out entitled, “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” in which he lists many attacks with links I never heard of and I follow crime reports pretty closely. It’s worth reading.

  • jerrt16

    ToLadybabs: Fox News Reported about riots last week. I just sent Sean Hannity this report. Maybe he’ll air this

  • teaparty8726

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    and says he read some weird stuff on the official Mormon site scriptures.
    Says Mormon religion was started by some guy name Joe Smith
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    plates, they believed in multiple wives until they were arrested and had to stop.
    This is the cult religion that Romney believes in….fo to the
    official Mormon site or Wikepedia abd check it out yourself.

    Anybody else seen this video about the Mormon religion http://youtu.be/3HSlbuli7HM
    Romney is a Mormon……scary stuff.


  • Pavelina

    Could this have something to do with the fact that Holder said the DOJ would not prosecute black on white crime, only white on black crime?

  • Man_in_PA

    They give demographics for the victims. I’d like to see demographics for the perpetrators.

  • ladybabs07

    This is information that the liberal media turns a blind eye to. I wonder if they (biased media) will report the threatened riots if Obama is not elected?

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