Judicial Watch • Judge Helps Feds Keep Chandra Levy Case Secret

Judge Helps Feds Keep Chandra Levy Case Secret

Judge Helps Feds Keep Chandra Levy Case Secret

FEBRUARY 07, 2013

Is a Clinton-appointed judge helping the government cover up scandalous information involving the murder of a federal intern who was romantically involved with a married Democratic congressman?

It’s a question worth asking considering the secrecy surrounding the high-profile murder case of Chandra Levy, a 24-year-old intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C., who mysteriously vanished in 2001. Levy’s remains were found a year later in a Washington D.C. park and her boyfriend, California Congressman Gary Condit, was a key suspect. The scandal cost him reelection a year later but he was never charged.

For nearly a decade the case remained Washington’s most famous unsolved crime, according to local sources. The Washington Post even published a special series that reads like a fiction novel with a dozen chapters and lots of photos. The series reveals that police and prosecutors immediately suspected Condit, 52 at the time, was responsible. He eventually fessed up about the affair, but denied involvement in the murder and for more than seven years the investigation went cold.

Suddenly, in 2010 an illegal immigrant gangbanger (Ingmar Guandique) from El Salvador got convicted for murdering Levy and was sentenced to three decades in jail. The government’s star witness was Guandique’s former cellmate, who told a jury that Guandique admitted killing Levy. Guandique’s attorneys have requested a new trial based on evidence involving one of the government’s key witnesses.

Prosecutors from the Department of Justice (DOJ) have requested—without explanation—that details of the new information and the witness remain under seal though various media outlets are legally challenging it. The presiding DC Superior Court judge, Gerald Fisher, has granted all of the government’s unusual secrecy requests and this week private hearings are being held without any media or public scrutiny. This sets a dangerous precedent for what’s supposed to be a transparent judicial system in the U.S.

Judge Fisher has so far refused to offer a valid explanation for granting all of the government’s wishes, instead ordering the proceedings closed because of unspecified “safety concerns.” A national newswire describes the case like this: “Closed hearings, disappearing documents, sealed transcripts, the mystery only deepens in the Chandra Levy murder case, which dates back more than a decade.”

A mainstream newspaper that reports the deepening secrecy that continues to shroud the high-profile murder case offered a different quote from the judge but, still, no reasonable explanation for his ruling. “I do find that closure is essential,” Judge Fisher said following a brief hearing this week. “I take no satisfaction doing this. I don’t particularly enjoy sealing proceedings.”




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  • FoolsGold

    There seems to be nothing but a naked invocation of the word “safety” unsupported by any factual references that might define it or limit its extent or duration.

    Its always been an absurd tabloid-fixation that a man well known by the moniker “Condom” would have anything to fear about disclosures of getting some from a 24 year old woman. She wanted to enroll in the vigorous FBI program at Quantico but the silly tabloids report her as intending to do this while pregnant and then reporting to her first duty station so she could go on raids with a kid in tow. Cover up? There has never been anything that either party needed to cover up. If a man has been known for decades as Condom Condit, there is nothing about it that his wife does not already know.

    No need for secrecy in the affair and no need for secrecy for the assailant.

  • j51cameron

    The secret government information is disastrous for the entire judicial system. The witness labeled as Witness 10 in the Ingmar Guandique Affidavit and Indictment is a serial killer who was an informant and didn’t get caught for murder until June 30, 2009. He was 76 years old at the time and had been killing for 64 years. His MO was to create a horrific murder and steer the police to innocent men. Stobert Holt, Father Gerald Robinson, Wayne Williams are just a few who were convicted with the help of serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. The list will get much longer.

  • mae12561

    from the git go – i knew she was caught up in someone’s game. she had some kind of knowledge that US gov’t rep(s) didn’t want out there. i still don’t believe that a random, years-after, arrest of an illegal solved the mystery. i always trust my gut feelings. this has something to do with information she had about men in politics.

  • gidtanner

    Alarming reports that VP Cheney also had involvement with Levy and Condit have been hushed by mainstream media . Sources say Condit was unusually close with opposition party friend Cheney and may have shared “odd” activities with him and Levy . Washington Post has kept lid on this story . Why won’t Wapo reveal details of hush hush reports ?

  • kylefclark

    More DO(IN)J coverup at BO’s request, or what?

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