Judicial Watch • HUD Mobile App Helps Minorities File Housing Complaints

HUD Mobile App Helps Minorities File Housing Complaints

HUD Mobile App Helps Minorities File Housing Complaints

MARCH 07, 2013

In its ardent quest to even the playing field for minorities the Obama administration has unveiled a new housing discrimination application for mobile devices manufactured by the world’s biggest electronics company (hint: its logo is a fruit and its CEO sat next to the First Lady at the state of the union).

Financed by American taxpayers, the new housing discrimination app was developed by a special division inside the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with the help of a major information technology company headquartered in northern California. The Obama administration has not revealed specifics relating to costs, but Judicial Watch plans to request details from HUD involving the new app’s price tag and other relevant facts.

JW has been a leader in investigating HUD and it’s shenanigans to advance a blatantly leftwing agenda. Last fall JW sued HUD for records of the Obama administration’s meddling in a controversial Minnesota housing discrimination case involving a discredited legal standard known as “disparate impact.” Before that JW sued HUD to obtain records related to federal grants awarded to the scandal-plagued community organization (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now—ACORN) that’s fleeced U.S. taxpayers out of millions.

The process involving the app will also be closely scrutinized. The goal, according to a HUD announcement, is to provide the public with a quick and easy way to learn about housing rights and to facilitate the process of filing housing discrimination complaints. It also aims to remind the housing industry about its “responsibilities” under the Fair Housing Act, the 1968 law enacted to promote integrated housing—by combatting housing segregation—during the civil rights movement.

Under both Democrat and Republican administrations HUD has failed to flex its muscle when it comes to discrimination against minorities, according to civil rights groups, and Obama vowed to change that when he moved into the White House. The president named an affordable housing advocate (Shaun Donovan) who specialized in housing vouchers and integration as HUD secretary and the agency quickly made desegregation its key focus. Leading the effort for Donovan is a civil rights attorney (John Trasvina) from a renowned leftist group, the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF).

Donovan has traveled the country blaming segregation, isolation and poverty on government. Under his tenure HUD has created a number of costly programs to right the wrong. Shortly after taking his cabinet position, Donovan outlined these goals in an agency report that explains how to “build inclusive and sustainable communities free from discrimination.” It asserts that an inclusive community is one in which all people—regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, disability or sexual orientation—have access to the same housing, transportation, health, education and employment opportunities.

The new mobile app is simply the latest of many programs to help fulfill this mission. Several “civil rights advocacy organizations” will join forces with HUD to spread the word about the new mobile app and help “individuals pursue their housing rights.” This will equip minorities throughout the nation with the information they need to “combat housing discrimination,” according to an assistant HUD secretary in charge of fair housing and equal opportunity.

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    I did NOT realize how INDIFFERENT and intertwined HUD is, with illegal things that happened to me (of course I filed official complaints to no avail!). Recently, I was told the Housing Authority is not governed by the mayor’s office where I reside. I will be seeking court permission to add HUD as a defendant to my lawsuit –which I have not been successful in finding ETHICAL representation. Meanwhile, I implore Judicial Watch to get involved with my case to the highest possible extent (including legal representation?) I am CERTAIN that my situation will help call attention to –and hopefully help bring change to people being placed in Housing Voucher Programs WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. The following, from my blog discusses my Fair Housing case, and what I’ve been able to find out:
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Unfortunately, along with catastrophes (hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, and floods), DISASTER FRAUD in some form, happens. Disaster fraud is any intentional act to deceive and ultimately steal from individuals, families, and from federal and state governments.

    Levels of disaster fraud include forgery, insurance theft and fraud, faith-based organizations grant and funding requests, contracting fraud, and price gouging. Some of these frauds are facilitated by illegally obtaining grants and funds through “Community Block Grants.”

    Probably the worst type of disaster fraud consists of that which encompasses all United States citizens –regardless that people were never were impacted by any disaster. The reason why U.S. citizens who were never involved in a disaster are impacted, is because their tax dollars are utilized to pay for housing frauds. Also, it appears that some tax dollars are used to pay for lengthy, sometimes unproductive so-called investigations that seem like nothing more than whitewash for select political operatives who are connected to Housing Authority agencies.

    A faith-based / housing authority FEDERAL lawsuit, Civil Action No. 5:13-CV-02247 (Shreveport Western District) filed is posted below. It illustrates a primary element of disaster fraud. As manifest in this lawsuit, blatant disaster fraud occurs as a result of deplorable lack of oversight by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) faulty execution of the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP), Katrina Disaster Housing Assistance Program (KDHAP), and the Housing Choice Voucher Program (also known as “Section 8” vouchers).

  • luvprn

    I do not know where he has been but I have had a case with HUD for 2 and half years that involees charges from sexual harrasment to denial of disability rights to trying injure service animal to eviction notice after they recived their offical complaint from HUD(that is a big NO NO) There is more charges than I have mentioned. There have been some cases settled but some are being filed with intent to murder.I had to even contact Sen. Sessions during my residence to get help with maintence.(before HUD took my case) Now they say it is being shuffled between DOJ offices before they file. COME ON! I have Cancer now due to the living in apt (Black toxic MOLD) I would like to see the end of this.ASAP.

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