Judicial Watch • Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Arrest

Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Arrest

Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Arrest

APRIL 19, 2013

Updated 4 p.m. Friday related to arrest versus conviction issue:  One of the Chechen terrorists who carried out the Boston Marathon bombings could have been deported years ago after a criminal arrest and/or conviction and the other was granted American citizenship on the 11th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26-year-old killed in a wild shootout with police, was a legal U.S. resident who nevertheless could have been removed from the country after a 2009 domestic violence arrest and conviction, according to a Judicial Watch source. That means the Obama administration missed an opportunity to deport Tsarnaev but evidently didn’t feel he represented a big enough threat.

Other reporting confirms Tsarnaev’s arrest for domestic violence but we’re seeking confirmation of a conviction. Nevertheless he would have been subject to removal for the arrest itself.

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Adding insult to injury, the other bomber, little brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was rewarded with American Citizenship on September 11, 2012 in Boston, according to JW’s source. The 19-year-old, who is still on the run, was granted asylum in Arlington Virginia on September 27, 2002, JW’s source reveals.

Years before these Chechen terrorists carried out the Boston Marathon bombings Judicial Watch uncovered critical intelligence documentsdetailing al Qaeda’s activities in Chechnya, including the creation of a 1995 camp—ordered by Osama bin Laden—to train “international terrorists” to carry out plots against Americans and westerners.

The goal, according to the once-classified documents obtained by JW in 2011, was to “establish a worldwide Islamic state capable of directly challenging the U.S., China, Russia, and what it views as Judeo-Christian and Confucian domination.” Further, radical Islamic regimes were to be established and supported everywhere possible, from “sea to sea,” including Chechnya. “Terrorist activities are to be conducted against Americans and westerners…” according to the report issued by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

In other words, it was only a matter of time before terrorists from the predominantly radical Islamic republic carried out an attack on U.S. soil. Chechnya declared independence from Russia in 1991 and Chechen militants are quite the savvy terrorists because they’ve successfully targeted Moscow with bombings and hostage plots for more than two decades.

In 2004 Chechen Islamic militants attacked a school in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia and they murdered 380 children, parents, teachers and visitors after holding more than 1,000 captive for three days. Judicial Watch also obtained intelligence documents from the government detailing that terrorist attack. Jointly released by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the October 12, 2004, report analyzes the Beslan terrorist attack with a view toward gleaning lessons for potential attacks on schools in the United States.

There’s no telling how many of these Chechen terrorists have infiltrated the United States or how many opportunities the government has missed to protect the country by deporting them. Osama bin Laden specifically chose Chechnya as a terrorist training camp because it’s an “area unreachable by strikes from the west,” according to the intelligence report obtained by JW years ago.

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  • ZODIAC Chaser

    I am finding it harder and harder to post on sites like this.

  • ZODIAC Chaser

    I do not blame the Obama admin for this act of violence..On a place called the Utica, N.Y. just a day after these bombings took place. I had posted my “predictions’ about the suspects based on talk in 2008 and issues still in motion in Oswego County, New York that links to all of this. The day the FBI officially announced that these bombings had all the “earmarks of an “Al Qaeda attack” I was quick to post that the suspects were white and locals to Boston or the NY area and that there was no more than 3 of them based on talk here where i live that made sense on 4-15-13..I had been in the Syracuse, N.Y, offices on 4-15-08 off what I know know was ROGUE FBI activity then..Also linked to the “friendly fire” shootings of two Federal Agents on on 4-5-07 my father’s birthday and the other on 10-2-12 when in the “OFF MEXICO” clue location of NACO RHYMES with WACO another Federal Agent me his “friendly fire” death who’s 0225 badge number is the link to my sons 2-25 birthday..now the links do NOT stop there..There is what I call an overkill of them just like these facts in each story..The two brothers involved in this are not official terrorists they were fronted for image..The brother went overseas I believe after the idea was worked into his head right here..and then made his journey to learn the image of it all..This was NOT a Patriots Day attack..it was a TAX DAY attack clue..in a plan now in motion by ROGUE FEDS called “sex offender” on me now..You need to know the past FACTS to understand this and there ate like the two “friendly fire”Feds deaths many FACTS to know. Remember Feds just don’t die of “friendly fire” death everyday..in fact it’s an extremely rare way for these Feds to die..I had been confronted by a ROGUE cop in the City of Fulton, N.Y, about my claims that a “RED COP” Oneida, N.Y, was now target of something in all of this activity here. Just days later a Oneida Deputy was shot dead in a bizarre story..and every detail of my claims fit..There is a massive POWER plan under all of this to keep it quiet and label me as “crazy’ under it all BUT when challenge POWER ..you have to expect that.. The SANDYHOOK shootings were a result of the NACO RHYMES with WACO ROGUE FBI GUN CONTROL plan..and the name links to another LANZA :here in motion off the courts to combat another scumbag recruit like Adam Lanza named “JUDITH DEVENEY’ who is active under a cover act also in this and it’s all linked to me also..The LANZA here was hired in Sept 2012…and that is how ADAM LANZA came to be mentally worked by the ROGUE FBI..I had survived it that process myself..Just as I told “Nancy” at the Syracuse FBI on 4-15-08..”YOU”RE NOT GETTING YOUR ACT OF VIOLENCE” and that can be verified..

  • Zed

    hay_you must be a member of the obama administration with those telling numbers he uses! Other then returning those caught at or near the boarder, which as RayG points out, obama has not only STOPPED deporting ILLEGAL ALIENS but ordered their release from prisons! Both hardened criminals who have committed serious crimes as well as some who have committed lesser crimes! His, obama, only objective is to have as many ILLEGAL ALIENS on welfare and food stamps as possible so they well vote for Democrats! He has proven this to me by ordering his minion (holder) to sue States from cleaning voter registration rolls of those either deceased or no longer living in that State! In my opinion obama is the most CORRUPT President in the history of this ONCE GREAT COUNTRY. He, obama should not only be IMPEACHED but should be imprisoned!!!

  • ItsJustme

    Obama and his administration are definitely to blame for this. He was listed as a terrorist back in 2009 and they did nothing as usual. Why didn’t the FBI and City of Boston have this older brothers pictures in their files since he had been questioned as a possible suspect before and then was charged with domestic abuse in Boston so they would have had his mugshot too. There is something really strange about all this plus the Saudi is also guilty in this which they are covering up and sending him back after the obamas both visited him and the Saudi primeminister.

  • ItsJustme

    Why didn’t the FBI or the Boston Police know who the oldest brother was? He was extensively interrogated in 2011 after he was claimed to be a suspected terrorist and they would have had his picture on file. Also he was arrested in Boston for domestic violence on his wife therefore not being able to become a US citizen but he would have had a mugshot. It seems with all the copy imaging the FBI claimed they could do that they would have been able to match his pictures up and also the Boston Police. Makes you want to go hmmmmmmm!!! Something’s fishy!!

  • jujibonn

    Excuse my typing errors please, I see that my last word, president, has a typo as do a few others…very late while typing this.
    I am in no way condoning what these Tsarnaev brothers did. They chose to murder and seriously harm innocent Americans and other people of the world. One is dead and the other will wish he was I’m sure.
    But I felt the need to point out the errors of this article.

  • jujibonn

    Your article has many errors so you need to improve your fact checking skills.
    1) I am a US Legal Resident and I cannot be deported if I receive a DV charge. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was cleared of any DV charge but could not receive citizenship because of the arrest. Once arrested, even though you’ve been cleared, you are denied citizenship.
    2) You state that the younger Tsarnaev brother was “rewarded” with citizenship. He earned it by completing all the necessary steps, and by paying a hefy appllication fee to USCIS. It is a lengthy process which can take as long as 2 years. It is not possible to choose the date of the Citizenship ceremony, it is given to the applicant by USICS.
    3) Chechnya’s declaration of independence was never accepted by Russia in 1991 – remember they fought a horrific war with Russia which ended in 2004! Checnya is still a republic of Russia. They would like their independence but Russia won’t give it to them. Instead is flooded them with millions of dollars to reconstruct their destroyed capital Grozny.
    4) There are just under 200 Chechen immigrants in America, 70% are women. It is very difficult for Chechen men to get into America. The Tsarnaev brothers came here, legally, with their mother and 2 other siblings 11 years ago when Gerorge W. Bush was presient.


  • onefortheroad

    erniedavidsonSat, 04/20/2013 – 8:11AM

    “So once again we see where a broken immigration system costs American lives.”

    Once again I say, The immigration systen is not broken, it is not properly ENFORCED, there is a difference you know!! This administration consistantly bends, breaks, and manipulates our immigration laws. The muslim threat is quite real and they are a force to be reckoned with. They have a mission.


    guess the only way to get deported in oweboma’s america is to blow up us citizens or be associated with someone who does

  • Stop Corruption

    This is a believable reason. The uncle Ruslan Tsarni said his nephews had struggled to settle themselves in the U.S. and ended up “thereby just hating everyone.” Asked what he thought provoked the bombings, Tsarni said: “hatred to those who were able to settle themselves. These are the only reasons I can imagine of. Anything else, anything else to do with religion, with Islam, it’s a fraud, it’s a fake.” This is believable. Just an arrest for a false domestic charge destroys the futures of millions of American men.

  • Stop Corruption

    It is simple, just search “Tamerlan has a domestic violence charge which was DISMISSED following a JURY trial in 2010″ as confirmed by the Boston Globe, probably before your article was posted. It is so sad that your column is titled “Corruption Chronicles” as if you are opposing corruption. This article has posted false and corrupt allegations that are cited and linked from other sites. Please state the truth in the first line of your article now. It still states “could have been deported years ago after a criminal arrest and/or conviction and the other was granted” and “Other reporting confirms Tsarnaev’s arrest for domestic violence but we’re seeking confirmation of a conviction.”

  • Stop Corruption

    Yes, just the arrest destroys futures. The REALITY is that Tamerlan was CLEARED of the DISMISSED DOMESTIC allegation charge by a JURY [BostonGlobe]. Is it possible that a false domestic allegation charge and arrest was the SPARK that set off Tamerlan’s actions? His father said it was a jealous girlfriend (who knew how to hurt a green card holder). Tamerlan was completely CLEARED, yet having an arrest on his record still prevented him from getting citizenship and prevented his goal of being an Olympic athlete, and must answered ‘yes, I have been arrested’ on any application. His gym manager said he was the best in Boston and won major competitions. Yet the feminist lies and propoganda on the internet state “arrested for domestic violence” “arrest and CONVICTION” 3 TIMES ON A BLOG citing this website! “DHS failed to deport despite his domestic violence”. A simple false domestic allegation and the resulting arrest and “guilty even when cleared by a jury” terrorizes the lives of millions of men. 90% of domestic allegations are false. Studies prove that women are equally responsible as men for starting domestic disputes. Is it possible that a false domestic allegation charge was the cause of Tamerlan’s actions? Those who spread lies of ‘domestic assault’ and ‘conviction’ and ‘deportation’ which terrorize men’s lives may be the ones who are inciting actions like this? What Tamerlan did in Boston was horrific! Stop spreading lies about domestic assault or you are one of those who are responsible for pushing these hopeless men to this kind of horrific action!

  • libertyfelix

    I thought an org committed to ‘watching’ Judicial propriety/impropriety would know better than to frame suspects as guilty….


    underware bomber ,shoe bomber, fort hood shooter ,bengazi atack, movie theater shooter, sandy hook shooter, Arizona shooter, cop shooter in cali, Boston bomber all in five years of Obama policies and he says we are safer now than ever before. There have been more terror atacks under his rule than ever before. Way to go Obama


    hay-you the question is who is president NOW!!!!

  • pfbonney

    For a party whose members claim that it’s so easy to connect the dots to predict events like this are about to happen, it’s surprising that they failed to connect the dots on an event like this.

  • pfbonney

    “weber1113 Sat, 04/20/2013 – 5:29AM
    Big Sis got caught with her panties down. While she was busy keeping an eye on Christians and military veterans, the real terrorists in her eyes, the muslim radicals with youtube videos about jihad were overlooked. Yes, Big Sis, your homeland security is working like a charm.”

    Good post!

  • Chippy55

    Folks, Obama counts someone who repeatedly crosses the border and returns as a new deportation, thus recklessly and illogically inflating the numbers. Want proof? His administration erroneously and illogically skews the unemployment numbers by NOT counting those who have stopped looking as being part of the total, naturally the unemployment number are a fantasy. Want more proof? During the Census, which by the way was returned to the White House for the first time in the Nation’s history, he repeatedly hired and fired Census workers to make it appear that the unemployment numbers were going down.
    The Cold Case Posse has irrefutably and undeniably proven that the birth certificate and draft are phonies, that every Obama document is problematic, and that Hawaii is a birth certificate factory. Want proof? Obama’s own grandmother said she was in the room in Kenya when he was born. Obama himself told his literary agent, “I am not an American, I was born in Kenya”. His literary agent did not confuse Hawaii with Kenya.
    A Liberal Judge gave his Aunt Zetuni a stay of deportation.
    Obama Sr. was deported back to Kenya. He was also a bigamist who impregnated a then 17 year-old girl. There’s a name for that.
    Obama’s Uncle eluded capture (in Massachusetts) for 43 years, and Obama intervened in the deportation hearing which has been delayed until Christmas when another Liberal Judge, in the spirit of the holidays, will allow him to stay in this country, working in a liquor store, until the next brush with the law, most probably another DUI.

  • JohnFLob

    Loser Fri, 04/19/2013 – 3:03PM
    “Blaming the Obama administration is downright pathetic.”

    Please explain why Bo’s owner and his administration is/are actively urging the deportation of a German family for home schooling BUT bends over backwards to cottle illegal aliens and other special interest groups. What else should we reasonably expect in the midst of this social chaos.

  • HobartStinson

    Mr. Obama, Boston has clearly showed the world that the THREAT from radical ISLAM and radicalized MUSLIMS is far from gone, but remains a daily threat to our national security.

    It is your job, Mr. Obama, to root out these threats whether home or abroad.

    After Newtown, you were happy to use the THREAT of gun violence to push for government policies which you say would crack down on the THREAT of gun death.

    In a similar fashion, you now have to use the neo-Boston massacre to push for government policies which will eliminate the threat from radical MUSLIM extremists both domestic and international.

    Your message since becoming president has been to minimize the possible threat from radical ISLAM.

    You MUST change your message to one of, let’s identify the threats, isolate them, and eliminate them. Both home and abroad.

    We constantly read of radical MUSLIMS in the U.S. preaching hate, preaching the destruction of America.

    You’ve heard the same news reports. Now you have to publicly admit these threats still exist. Now you must direct the focus of law enforcement towards these and other threats to innocent citizens.

    The WAR ON TERROR remains. You chose not to use that term or admit that fact. You have to change that.

  • JohnFLob

    Loser Fri, 04/19/2013 – 3:03PM
    “Blaming the Obama administration is downright pathetic.”

    Why? He and his czars have been in office and “in-charge” for 4+ years. The social and political chaos Bo’s [ the FDOTUS ] owners have created have provided a fertile environment for radical extremists.

  • oavery

    Bush and Cheney focused like a laser on terrorism after 9/11 and suppressed domestic attacks. Obama took over with his refusal to even use the term terrorism, his legalism and continuing campaign politicizing public safety and we got the Little Rock recruiter assassinations by Muslims, the Haddad slaughter at Fort Hood while yelling “Allah Akbar” (Obama called it “workplace violence” and now another mass slaughter by Islamists, one of whom should have been deported but was not. Obama has dropped the ball completely.

  • oavery

    The Obama administration does not deport people. The politics of the continuing campaign trumps public safety.

  • erniedavidson

    So once again we see where a broken immigration system costs American lives.

  • daddy warbucks


    The FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists


    Looking for Gov’t-Issued Terror Alerts? DHS Has Never Used the ‘Terrorism Advisory System’ (Here’s the Evidence)

    Apr. 18, 2013 9:46am Billy Hallowell


    Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano are so busy going after law abiding citizens, I guess they didn’t have time to track the Boston bombers?

    Both should be fired and charged with negligence AND DIVERSION OF RESOURCES.

    How many BILLIONS in taxes is the USA spending since 911; Patriot Act, NDAA, DHS, NSA,TSA, DOJ police, FBI, CIA, ‘Steller Wind’, FEMA camps.

    Your federal government too occupied with tracking veterans, farmers and Gibson guitar.

    By the way one ‘federal’ dollar cost ten times more than a similarly spent ‘state’ dollar to do the SAME JOB.

    10 times more than a similarly spent ‘state’ dollar’!

    So growing the ‘federal’ government is stupid, unless there is another agenda not being shared with us.

    Accepting ANY ‘federal’ grants by your local politicians should cause great outcry, it’s still taxes coming out of your pocket but with less spending control, accountability or re-course.

    There is now overwhelming evidence (and “probable cause”) to impeach the actor in our White House

    Congress DO YOUR JOB

  • weber1113

    Big Sis got caught with her panties down. While she was busy keeping an eye on Christians and military veterans, the real terrorists in her eyes, the muslim radicals with youtube videos about jihad were overlooked. Yes, Big Sis, your homeland security is working like a charm.

  • RayG

    What you are neglecting to add is that the current administration changed the way they count deportations.
    They now count any illegal who is caught at the border and returned as a deportation. this really spikes the numbers.
    previous administrations did not count these returns as deportations.

  • hay_you

    You are right the Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Arrest, the key work is could. does the law require it or are they suppose to use a crystal ball and product the future. They were able to predict the future in monitory report so it must be true. It should be mentioned that if they wasn’t allowed in the 1st place we wouldn’t have to worry about it. And who was the president then?

    Does anybody check their facts before the posting comments? I think not. If you check the numbers you will see that in
    2001, 71,079 criminals were deported
    2002, 71,686 criminals were deported
    2003, 81,626 criminals were deported
    2004, 89,852 criminals were deported
    2005, 87,476 criminals were deported
    2006, 92,263 criminals were deported
    2007, 102,024 criminals were deported
    2008, 114,415 criminals were deported
    2009, 136,343 criminals were deported
    2010, 195,772 criminals were deported
    2011, 216,698 criminals were deported
    2012, 225,390 criminals were deported

    Were these people not committing crimes under bush or do you just want to blame obama for everything?
    You are right the Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Arrest, the key work is could. does the law require it or are they suppose to use a crystal ball and product the future. They were able to predict the future in monitory report so it must be true. It should be mentioned that if they wasn’t allowed in the 1st place we wouldn’t have to worry about it. And who was the president then?

  • JT4568

    You have a good point SharpColorado – Our scumbag of a President fails to deport a Muslim convicted of Domestic Violence, but he sends his little gun runner Eric Holder after a Christian Family for commiting the Hideous Crime of Homeschooling.

    Lets face it, there is a double standard in the Obama adminstration between Christians and Muslims. He’ll go after Christians for any reason; Muslims however get a pass.

    That it is until the day the Muslim Terrorist kills 4 people and maimes 170 others.

  • Antispm

    This article shows a woeful lack of knowledge about the Immigration and Nationality Act and the immigration courts. It should be ashamed to call itself “Judicial Watch”.

    An arrest for an alleged DV proves NOTHING. even if there was a conviction, that still proves NOTHING. Depends on what the conviction was actually for.

    Please stop writing on laws you clearly don’t even understand.

  • sharpcolorado

    But the Justice Department under President Obama has chosen to deport the Romeike family to Germany for home schooling. Why is deportation so easy to decide upon for a German (evangelical) family, but not for a violent person with ties (behaviors) to radical Islam?
    Perhaps the Obama Administration “profiles” conservatives?

  • JT4568

    No, its not pathetic to blame Obama. He has released/refused to deport so many criminals with his open door immigration policy, that it was bound to happen.

  • Loser

    Blaming the Obama administration is downright pathetic.

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