Judicial Watch • Illegal Aliens Hear of U.S. “Credible Fear” Asylum on Facebook

Illegal Aliens Hear of U.S. “Credible Fear” Asylum on Facebook

Illegal Aliens Hear of U.S. “Credible Fear” Asylum on Facebook

OCTOBER 21, 2013

As if Obama’s backdoor amnesty wasn’t bad enough, the administration is also quietly granting thousands of illegal immigrants “asylum” when they claim to have a “credible fear” of returning to their native country.

Officially foreigners can seek asylum under five categories, based on fear of persecution over race, religion, nationality, political opinions or membership in a particular social group. A chunk of the illegal aliens getting asylum hearings are entering the U.S. through Mexico, but they come from as far away as Africa and Asia, according to Homeland Security officials cited in a mainstream newspaper report.

Last year 27,546 migrants made credible fear claims after entering the U.S. illegally compared to 10,730 the previous year. In 2008 only 3,273 illegal aliens claimed fear to get asylum, according to federal data cited in the story. If this pattern continues, the number will continue to rise steadily through President Obama’s second term, likely making this yet another form of stealth amnesty.  

Clearly, word has spread among illegal border crossers that claiming to have a fear of returning home is a good way to avoid deportation. One veteran immigration lawyer in Texas says “it’s like the magic word. Say it and the government has to give you a credible-fear hearing.” Immigration judges eventually reject most of the asylum petitions, but many of the illegal aliens are freed on bail and use the lengthy process to vanish in the U.S.

Here is one of the cases featured in the story; a 21-year-old Honduran man, who entered the U.S. illegally through Mexico, was granted an asylum hearing after claiming that returning to Honduras would be a mortal risk because he witnessed a double homicide and feared the killers would target him. Border Patrol agents had spotted the illegal alien floating across the Rio Grande in an inflatable raft and he should have been immediately deported.

Instead federal authorities determined that he had a “credible fear” case, which allowed him to remain in the U.S. for asylum proceedings, which often take months. So, how did this particular illegal alien hear about the asylum procedures? He says he learned about it on Facebook while he still lived in Honduras and from the U.S. government’s immigration website.

Another illegal border crosser, a 19-year-old man from Ecuador, heard about the credible fear line while he was in federal custody. He got busted by Border Patrol officers a few minutes after crossing into the U.S. through Mexico and was sent to a detention facility. He requested a credible fear interview after hearing about it from cellmates and claimed his father accused him of breaking up his marriage and therefore wanted to kill him. Authorities released the Ecuadorean and allowed him to move in with an aunt in New York while he waits for further hearings.

In yet another unbelievable case cited in the news story, a 42-year-old man from Bangladesh flew to South America and made it to the Texas border with a Mexican smuggler. Authorities are allowing him to live in a halfway house while he waits for his asylum hearings. His credible fear claim is that he was persecuted for being a member of a political party that lost national elections.

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  • Laticia

    True story. I was allowed to stay in this country because I convinced some idiot that I had a “credible fear” of being burned at the stake for my belief in the antichrist. I do not actually fear this, because if I were to be burned I would just be able to join his army of the undead that much sooner. Idiots. Now I can sit on my couch in America watching the real housewives of new jersey, eating potato chips and being paid to do it. Thank you.

  • Diane

    This President is so arrogant that he won’t even deport his illegal relatives. He is a terrible example as a President in allowing his aunt and uncle to stay illegally in the U.S. His uncle was even caught drunk driving if my memory serves me right! But if a teen that resembles him is killed this leader will make a big show of his feelings even before trial is held! But if a teen is murdered by an illegal alien this leader won’t speak one word about this murder.
    You would never see President Kennedy allowing any of this Irish relatives in the U.S. illegally.
    Back then our Presidents had more class and were respected. After President Kennedy was murdered things went downhill. Today we aren’t even sure if our leaders are legal themselves. What a mess the U.S. has become.
    Now these illegal aliens protest in our streets and even in our Capital! What a joke our laws have become!

  • Rachel

    LOL, and that is not the worst part of it all. Back in the day, the illegal immigrants used to come to the US to work in mainly the agricultural business, but the bottom line is they came here to work and earn a paycheck. Nowadays, they mainly come here with a totally different mentality, such as Obamas aunt, they come here to see what they can get for free, they come here to see what the county has to offer them. Unfortunately, the US offers food stamps, medical aid, welfare, and all kinds of government assistance to anyone, and they even go out to schools, hospitals, etc. trying to recruit people to get free stuff. How can people even resist. Talking about a stupid government…

    And they wonder why the country is going broke, stop giving away free stuff, that should be for disabled Americans, and I mean US citizens only, not even immigrants qualify for that because the legal resident aliens are forbidden from becoming a public charge and requesting government assistance, but ask me if they ever get deported for becoming a public charge? you’re right, even though there is an immigration charge to deport them for that reason, it never gets used thanks to the government rules and regulations, Immigration Officers are forbidden from using that charge, Immigration Officers never use it, so its basically free game for all. Welcome to the land of the free, the land of what is that I qualify for, what can I get for free. And all this just for some stupid electoral votes, who care if the country is going to mierda, as long as I get elected, who cares about everything else. What happened to: we, the people? Is more like: we the rich people, the ones running the country, they just care about themselves. Anyway, I have a lot more to say but don’t have time this moment, bye!..

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