Judicial Watch • Outrage Over Republican Leadership Compels Release of Benghazi Docs

Outrage Over Republican Leadership Compels Release of Benghazi Docs

Outrage Over Republican Leadership Compels Release of Benghazi Docs

JANUARY 14, 2014

It’s no coincidence that, days after prominent conservatives—including Judicial Watch—and family members of Benghazi victims demanded action and accountability, House leaders released classified files documenting the Obama administration’s lies and cover-up involving the terrorist attack.

On September 11, 2012 Islamic jihadists raided the U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the first diplomat to be killed overseas in decades, and three other Americans were murdered in the violent incident. The Obama administration has worked hard to keep details of the attack—and the negligence that led to it—from the American public and Judicial Watch has gone to court and filed a number of public records requests to expose the truth. JW has also published two in-depth special reports on Benghazi, the last one on the first anniversary of the terrorist attack. Read the special reports here and here.

Last week JW joined forces with surviving Benghazi family members, U.S. military leaders and other top conservatives to call House Speaker John Boehner on the sad and pathetic job he’s doing investigating the tragedy. In a scathing letter, JW and the other signatories blast the Republican leader, demand action and accountability concerning the Benghazi terrorist attack and justice for the four murdered Americans. The group also demands that Boehner install a select committee to thoroughly investigate the atrocity. The letter, personally addressed to Boehner, received substantial media attention.

There’s little doubt that this public grassroots outrage over Republican leadership failures compelled House leaders to act. The selective leak includes 450 pages of sworn testimony delivered over several months by senior Pentagon officials in closed-door hearings conducted by the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) last year. The briefings were part of the committee’s examination of the actions of the military chain of command before, during and after the attack, according to a press release announcing the documents’ availability as well as an upcoming report summarizing the panel’s “conclusion.” The declassified files are available on the HASC website.

The previously classified testimony reveals that, minutes after the American compound in Benghazi came under assault, top defense officials were informed that it was a “terrorist attack” and not a spontaneous strike that started as a protest over a U.S.-made anti-Islam video as the Obama administration has said. General Carter Ham, who headed the Pentagon’s combat command (AFRICOM) with jurisdiction over Libya, testified that he broke the news about the unfolding attack to then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff. Shortly afterwards the two senior officials left the Pentagon to meet with the president.

The testimony is critical to documenting the Obama administration’s repeated lies and cover-up concerning Benghazi, but the material merely scratches the surface of the whole story of what really happened. It’s not a substitute for a special Select Committee on Benghazi with subpoena power, a capable staff of qualified and experienced investigators and the resources to conduct a thorough, comprehensive investigation.

The importance of these terrible facts being revealed to the public is certainly appreciated, but it’s unfortunate that we were compelled to shame the Speaker and the rest of the Republican leadership into doing their sworn duty. We reiterate our demand for a Special Select Committee to further uncover the Obama administration’s shameful conduct and possible unlawful acts related to the Benghazi terrorist attack.

In the meantime, JW will continue investigating what really occurred in Benghazi. JW has a number of pending lawsuits and public-records requests related to the incident and it was JW that obtained the first photos depicting the devastating aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. diplomatic and CIA facilities in Benghazi as well as details of the inexperienced foreign company hired to protect the American compound. The State Department paid the virtually unknown British firm $794,264 for nearly 50,000 guard hours, according to the federal contract obtained in the course of JW’s ongoing Benghazi probe.



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  • neverlickthehand

    UNFunny thing is the lying scum in DC telling us it was Al Qaeda attacking us for arming them(???) while they are battling IRAN’s w(b)itch Syria have to contend with new story that AQ is going to attack IRAN!
    Rebloodlican leadership will fight Select committee tooth and nail because on this OP as many roads lead to Rs as to Ds.

    Intel committeeS, Armed Services committees, plus State overseas OPS committees with members on both sides ( thanks Johnny Mc, Lindsay) signed off on gun running OP as well as Boehner and Reid being briefed on it
    MIL and Intel folks put together the scheme to have SPECOPS guys(MARSOC in this case) retrieve the guns AND MANPADS from those rowdy Libyans (which congress authorized the admin to arm) then hand them over to CIA Special Activities Division folks. They got them to Syria via Turkey by paying off some Turkish officials…. Those now purged by Turkeys president.

    They didn’t figure out that IRAN spooks were in Benghazi as Red Crescent until afterwards. IRAN paid the gangs to attack using Putin Intel, and weapons, now it’s all CYA and the hearings by Boehner’s man for all reasons, ISSA; is a big dog and pony show with scripted questions and answers from all the right actors for the viewing pleasure of us lame azz Americans to think we’re seeing justice from our government in action when it is really one word, inaction… .

    Obama knows the rebloodlicans can’t admit to it openly or use it against him and/ or the democrips because the polls said Americans did not want us in Syria and they, congress; said they would not pass legislation authorizing it. Nor can they wink wink; leak it and implicate themselves/ the party.

  • SharGL

    It is disgusting that we have an executive branch of our government that cannot be trusted to tell the truth. It is even sadder that it takes a credible group such as Judicial Watch to force the legislative branch to release information that should have been released months ago. The time, effort and money that has gone into this procedure is mind boggling.

    Of course Obama and Reid (and some others) will not have to answer when their terms are up but, are the other members of these two branches not understand the consequences of the voters ire? The informed ones that is.!!!!!

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