Judicial Watch • U.S. Gives Russia Free Military Equipment Used By Army, Marines

U.S. Gives Russia Free Military Equipment Used By Army, Marines

U.S. Gives Russia Free Military Equipment Used By Army, Marines

MARCH 26, 2014

Behind closed doors the U.S. government is giving Russia free military equipment—also used to train American troops—even after President Obama announced punitive sanctions against Moscow and, more importantly, a suspension in military engagement over the invasion and occupation of Ukraine.

The secret operation was exposed this week by members of Congress that discovered it in the process of reviewing the Fiscal Year 2014 budget and the proposed Fiscal Year 2015 budget request. It turns out that the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has been providing the Russian Federation with the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES), the federal legislators say. The U.S. military uses MILES for tactical force-on-force training because it has a system of lasers and dummy ammunition to simulate ground combat.

It’s a crucial, military-grade technology that’s similar to a “laser tag” available in some commercial markets, according to one of the outraged lawmakers (Oklahoma Republican Jim Bridenstine) that helped uncover the scandal. Bridenstine, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has joined forces with Ohio Republican Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, to demand an end to the program. Along with about a dozen other House colleagues they penned a letter to Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who oversees the agency carrying out the “irresponsible military equipment transfers” to Russia.

The Obama administration’s planned supply to the Russian Federation is a grave mistake given the recent invasion of Ukraine launched by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, the legislators point out. “It is difficult to imagine a worse time to provide military-grade technology employed by the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, and Special Operations Forces to Russia than when it has illegally invaded Ukraine and is violating the intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty,” the letter to Moniz says. “To make matters worse, it is our understanding from the budget documents that the Department has been, and continues to propose, providing this technology to Russia free-of-charge.”

This is preposterous and borders on criminal if you really think about it. As if we need reminding, Congressman Turner recants Putin’s “brazen disregard for the sovereignty and stability of Eastern Europe” as well as his disregard for international law. “Despite this overwhelming evidence that Putin is not our ally, it is astonishing that the Obama Administration would still provide superior, U.S. military technology to an aggressive and advancing Russia,” Turner said. “The United States must seriously redirect its approach and immediately terminate all military aid to Russia.”

President Obama has already proven to be an international joke for his response to the worsening crisis in Ukraine. Even the mainstream media in this country has blasted the commander-in-chief’s foreign policy as based on fantasy. One famously liberal magazine published a satirical article saying that the Obama administration froze Putin’s Netflix account as a “major ramping up of sanctions.” In a piece published a few days ago, a former veteran congressman wrote this: “The embarrassment of U.S. impotence in dealing with Russian aggression in the Ukraine is only the beginning of what will likely be a series of foreign policy disasters.”



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  • Xavier Davalos Salazar

    Do you realy believe, Russians are “the enemy”? Government is your worst nightmare.

  • ponerology

    Why is this new? What they fail to tell you is that the ‘west’ built Russia up for decades before, during and after the ‘Bolshevik’ ‘revolution’ and the ‘cold war’ –which was no war at all. We were trading secrets all along at the highest levels. It’s the same thing the ‘west’ has done with China since Nixon ‘opened’ China in the early 1970s. Without the ‘west’s’ banking money (taxes) both of those parts of the world would still be backwater areas. The geopolitical strategy defined by those who actually own/run/manage the money system had decided that Russia and then China needed to become ‘threats’ to the west and to ‘our freedom’. You’ll note that the ‘west’ is seemingly threatened on all sides now because ‘we’ve’ extended ‘our reach’ too far, similar to the Roman Empire. We’ll have to have a 3 bloc system very soon to keep us all safe.

  • Xaider

    I think Obama was so butt hurt regarding Britain and his family in Africa that he feels like he needs to destabilize the Western powers in revenge.

  • american121

    Take everyone who voted for Obama and place them on the front line when the U. S. A. is invaded by Russia and/or Chinese.

  • tim

    No, most conservatives live down here near me. Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas…Red states. The poor and ignorant. Just oppose abortion (Cheap labor in the making) and keep thumping that bible

  • WinnieR

    Chinagate under Clinton.

  • BGills

    There’s very little evidence to the contrary.
    All evidence suggests one of two possibilities…
    Complete, and utter systemic incompetence, or a calculated, intentional attempt to shift the balance of power away from the United States of America, in an apparent effort to appease our enemies?

  • WinnieR

    He was put in that position by higher powers. We’ve had communists in govt for decades.

  • WinnieR

    Is he working with the Russians?

  • BGills

    Thanks for the link, I’ve been waiting for it to come out on Netflix, but I believe they’re afraid to risk the wrath of the IRS,NSA, mainstream media scorn, and ridicule by the elite on the left. I’m sure Harry Reid, and the rest of his coconspirators, would find some reason to publicly slander them, or simply impose enough burdensome regulation that would put them out of business for their betrayal of the Demorats.

  • BGills

    Obama being Russia’s secret Santa, shouldn’t be much of a surprise to most.
    Perhaps this partially explains his caught on mic comment with a Russian official, that he could be more flexible after the election?
    His goal seems to be, to arm every potential enemy of the U.S. possible…
    A dozen F-16’s, and 200 M1, A-1 Abrams Battle Tanks given to the Muslim Brotherhood despite the objections of Congress, the 20,000 surface to air missiles, and untold small arms that “fell” into the hands of terrorists in the middle-east after the ill-advised bombing campaign in Libya, a state of the art stealth drone mysteriously “captured” by the Iranians which advanced their drone program by decades in just a few short months…
    So is it really much of a surprise finding out he is allowing U.S. military equipment that will be used to hone the fighting skills of Russian soldiers to be delivered in the middle of “harsh sanctions?”
    Helping to build-up our potential enemies fighting capabilities, while reducing ours, simply evens the playing field… You know, equality at any cost!

  • jillyW

    Here is the question again as to whether or not Obama is a Russian plant – based on the story about 20 years old that someone high up in Russia predicted we’d have a black POTUS secretly VERY friendly to Communism and he was currently in training.

    And then we have the comment of “after the election I’ll have more flexibility”. No matter who Obama is, Russian plant, muzzie plant, or a potted plant – he is the most dangerous man in the WH I’ve ever seen. We have elected the enemy.

  • rustman2TN

    Obama, must be removed from office. I have used this equipment (to much fun) and no foreign country should be receiving it under any condition or favor. I have never in my life witnessed such a traitor to our country as this alleged (p)resident Barrack Hussein Obama (nothing American in that name)!

  • Ima

    This is similar to the US illegally giving Russia secret military technology during ww2 and israel nuclear technology with the Sand Hill Toy Mining Company (apollo PA, Numec) 1950s http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/pearl/www.geocities.com/Pentagon/6315/lend.html

  • Rotobo1

    Ok, add on 9 Great Falls Commanders fired, 1 resigned and ran. Obama is run by the Air Force Criminal Gang! One just took over another. Replaced with new CLONES! Yes, CLONES! John referred to them as spiritless creatures roaming about. Of coarse Puttin is going to accept these nice, tax payer paid for high tech. military gear, that incidently does include Preditor Tech. Uniforms, that make the soldier completely invisible! Give this mil. gear to the N. Korean’s, China, Vietnam, Saudies, Iraq’s, any one of them would accept it.
    It is a sad day to realize the gov. is arming insurgents, for use here, and abroad, to make war, to keep the contracts flowing. BOO! WAR WHORES! Haarp, Radar, Tri-Angulate Blue Beam, Tr-3’s, tr-4’s, BOO! Revelations 9;11 “The Destroyer” APOLLO! Depleted Uranium is a war CRIME! Fake mooon landing, secret ufo fleet, mars bases being constructed now, secrets of the earth covered up! Boo! Grey’s doing yer dirty work! Isaiah 14, seen the end of this crew.
    Thanks, Pastor, Chief, General, BRANCH

  • Prospector69

    Obama has no military experience, not even ROTC. He doesn’t understand history. He is mostly a hands off “leader” which means he is no leader! Usually he wants to change the subject. He doesn’t have a real world view.
    I don’t understand why my fellow citizens voted for him even once. He is incompetent.

  • bill birch

    Helicopters purchases and this and and and meanwhile 11 Russians have crippling sanctions intended to send a message to Putin how flexible Obama is after the elections. Putin sends his best as he sets up a war-proven pincher move to Ukraine

  • Numb3rTech

    Obama gives weapon technology & equipment to Russia while destroying the power of USA by eliminating USA Nuclear power and stopping the tomahawk and hellfire missile program. This weakens the USA terribly.
    Watch the movie, “2016: Obama’s America” at the following link:
    D’Souza pretty well nailed what Obama plans for the United States and it is frightening. There is plenty of proof in all that has happened.
    Mr. President Obama is a traitor to the U.S.A., IMHO.

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