Judicial Watch • $105 Mil for Racial, Ethnic Approaches to Community Health

$105 Mil for Racial, Ethnic Approaches to Community Health

$105 Mil for Racial, Ethnic Approaches to Community Health

MAY 29, 2014

It’s not enough that the Obama administration has already spent colossal amounts of taxpayer dollars on race-based health initiatives, now $105 million will go to a new project called Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH).

The acronym is packed with meaning because the goal, after all, is to put quality healthcare within reach for minorities in an effort to give them the same services as whites. The administration has already dedicated tens of millions of dollars to various initiatives that are expected to help accomplish this, including opening dozens of “health equity” offices to end disparities between poor minorities and whites and launching a $100 million project to lower chronic diseases “disproportionately seen among poor and minority populations.”

In 2012, the government even launched a minority asthma task force to act as a “coordinated federal action plan to reduce racial and ethnic asthma disparities.” The disease disproportionately affects minority children and kids living below the poverty level, according to the Obama administration. In fact, poor and minority children are more likely to have asthma and their health outcomes are worse, according to the new task force. Specifically, asthma rates for African-American and Puerto Rican kids are more than double the rate of Caucasian children. Nothing several million dollars can’t help correct.

Another chunk of change has gone to other government programs aimed at eliminating disparities, including half a dozen federal Offices of Minority Health as well as one for each state. The offices will single out and eliminate healthcare inequalities between ethnic minorities and their more affluent and educated white counterparts. The administration has also spent hefty sums to create an innovative state obesity map that shows blacks, the poor and uneducated are disproportionately obese and a special mobile device application to help underserved and minority women fight and prevent cancer. The app is actually available in “different languages and in culturally appropriate contexts.”

Last year’s race-based project du jour was a $40 million program to lower “stroke risk among racial and ethnic minorities in the United States.” To justify all this, the government even added a new section on socioeconomic status in the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) annual comprehensive report on Americans’ health. It reveals that practically all ailments, from mental disorders to asthma, cancer and edentulism (lack of natural teeth), are more prevalent among minorities and the poor. Even childhood attention deficit disorder hits low-income minorities harder, according the federal assessment.

The new $105 million REACH will target “priority population groups,” according to the federal grant announcement. This is defined as “African American/Black” and “Hispanic/Latino” among others. The goal is to empower community members in priority population groups to seek better health, help change local healthcare practices and, of course, reduce health disparities. “Despite significant progress in reducing and eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities over the past decades, disparities continue to persist and are widening for some population groups,” according to the lengthy grant document. It goes on to say that virtually every chronic disease—including obesity—strikes ethnic minorities at much higher rates than whites.

These “racial and ethnic health disparities” are attributed to “poverty lack of education, property neglect, tobacco use and exposure, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, and lack of access to quality health care services,” the federal document says. Here’s how the $105 million investment will change all this; by, among other things, creating a media program that communicates effective public health programs and conveys success to key audiences; increasing the number of settings that have a 100% smoke-free policy; increasing the number of people that have access to physical activity opportunities in work places; and increasing the availability of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

The list of brilliant ideas that will be funded with this latest allocation goes on and is way too long to include in its entirety. What is worth mentioning, however, is that the healthy foods plan is already a totally separate boondoggle that’s costing taxpayers an additional $4.5 billion. It was masterminded by First Lady Michelle Obama and it aims to revolutionize the inner city diet by eradicating so-called “food deserts” with government-subsidized fruits, vegetables and other healthy fare.




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  • Kangeroo

    Short answer” No.

  • Kangeroo

    They should just pass-out bulk food items. Only staples such as beans, rice, etc. No money.

  • Kangeroo

    This is all about vote-buying.

  • Ophelia5338

    Priorty populations??? I take offense to that. There are poor white ppl that are at higher risk as well. I am so sick of this spending and even more sick of lack of equal protection under the law and equality in general. Priority populations don’t want to be equal they want priority and special treatment. If there is a program it should be available to all ppl with economic need for it. Otherwise, it is Unconstitutional bc it discriminates against the non priority ppl bc of race.

  • mcgonagall

    Unfortunately it seems that many minorities culturally do not go to the doctor until they are sick. I am white but my family grew up very poor, so even when later there was some money, we kids never went to the doctor or dentist until we had a bad fever or already had a toothache. No maintenance! I see two main issues with this type of program. One, as mentioned by others, it is impossible to make anyone make good choices if they just don’t want to. Kids will not eat vegetables and adults will not quit smoking just because some infomercial tells them it’s bad for their health. Second, the “victimization” mentality of the very people this program intends to reach goes so deep that even if good food and medical care was completely free, there would still be complaining and push-back, such as “I don’t have time to go”, “I don’t have transportation”, “There’s no one to watch my children”, “I can’t get time off of work”, etc. When I was an elementary school teacher, the only time many of the kids (it was a Title 1 school) ever saw a doctor, had their eyesight or hearing checked, or had their teeth checked, was AT SCHOOL! Unless this program will limit what type of food can be purchased with an EBT card, or will send a doctor to make house calls, I don’t see this being any more effective than any of the other minority-driven programs.

  • Richard Tebaldi

    Next time you go to a grocery store and see a morbidly obese person using Gov’t. assistance for the purchase of food, check out what they buy! Look, if we taxpayers are going to help the poor eat, make it so we don’t pay for wing dings, potato chips, soda, or any unhealthy foods. No cereals, except oatmeal because sugar kills. Vegetables, and ONLY REAL FOOD staples should be permitted on the taxpayers dole. You will save their lives by not promoting diabetes, heart failure from obeseness, and artery’s full of cholesterol, fewer strokes and serious cancers would be prevented. ObamaCare should Care by making this a reality assuming Obama really cares. You would help emptying out our Emergency Rooms and saving billions in health care.

  • not a liberal

    when you smoke crack and methamphetimine your teeth rot out; when you fill your food stamp cart with cupcakes; potato chips, coca colas; doritos; cookies; etc., it causes obesity and diabetes. This is a way to put billions out there that can be pocketed by the agencies and there will be no record of where the money went or how it was spent. The people it is supposed to help, will never see the help. Now, they may see some money, but I doubt it, as Obama’s cronies will direct it into their pockets and they don’t care about the poor black or hispanics, they just see a way to line their own pockets. I will bet it will be just like the TARP money – no one can show where it was spent.

  • ** Defiant Soul **

    “minorities”…. I live in California and am white. That makes me a “minority”. Am I going to be receiving all these “minorities” benefits?

  • BrokusDickusMaximus

    With this administration’s habit of corruption and cronyism I do believe that the actual minority will not see a single red cent.


    LOL….and you think they’re going to put down that fried chicken and biscuits, BBQed Ribs, and hog jowls, just because of….wait for it…….WHY? You Government idiots, always thinking you can change human nature….Never happened yet, never will, TOTAL FAIL……All you’re doing is robbing from the productive classes and giving money away to the massive unproductive classes…. Where will it end? Oh, I see, a bunch of healthy Welfare rats…..Got the picture……

  • 2eRep

    If minorities are too stupid to go to the doctor without be told to by the government, then let nature take its course and cull the herd.

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