Judicial Watch • Carney’s Response to Benghazi Emails is Criminal

Carney’s Response to Benghazi Emails is Criminal

Carney’s Response to Benghazi Emails is Criminal

MAY 02, 2014

As the White House continues to spin the Benghazi scandal, it has become increasingly clear that this is an administration that is perfectly content with lying to the American people. The question Americans have to ask themselves is whether they have become an electorate that is content to listen.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney assumed the latter this week, claiming that new Benghazi documents linking the White House to the cover-up were not actually about Benghazi at all – “it was explicitly not about Benghazi”, Carney said, going so far as to suggest that discussing the cover-up  makes for a  “conspiracy theory”. In the face of the new evidence, Carney’s words are nothing short of shameless.

Of course, Carney’s explanation makes little sense when taking into account that Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, which revealed the White House connection, explicitly demanded records from the State Department relating to talking points given to Susan Rice about Benghazi.

In an interview yesterday, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton remarked, “The Benghazi document we received was from the State Department that said, ‘here is a Benghazi document’…this would be the first time we have received documents we didn’t ask for from the Obama administration.”

Perhaps the White House should coordinate with the State Department about the definition of a “Benghazi record”.

Furthermore, these documents were not easily given up. It took Judicial Watch two years of litigation to capture the documents, while the same documents were simply omitted from the Congressional investigation, which raises questions of obstruction. This led Fitton to describe Carney’s response as a “legalistic” one, characterizing the Obama Administration’s principle strategy when it comes to public speaking engagements.

It is important not to forget the context surrounding the origin of the cover up. For a scandal that surfaced two months before the 2012 Presidential elections, it took two years to obtain the documents connecting the White House to the scandal – an abhorrent timeline for the self-described “transparent administration” and one that, with the newly uncovered documents, is more than enough to confirm the White House’s involvement in a cover-up just weeks before a presidential election.

“This brings it right into the White House and it shows that the idea that the CIA created talking points that Susan Rice was using is a big fat lie” Tom Fitton said yesterday. “There was a press operation in the White House that was pushing this line.”

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  • TJFod1

    Boehner, Kantor and McCarthy are the only reason Obama is getting away with this

    they are either
    1) afraid
    2) gaining from it

  • Mnixon

    What I don’t understand is that the truth always comes out in one form or another- there are two many involved to keep the story straight. But I guess the administration has one thing going for them, they threaten everyone involved. I wonder if giving up your integrity and selling your soul is worth the expected “legacy” they leave behind? One thing is certain, incompetence is the only thing consistent from thing administration.

  • CopperDollar

    Lying is a required necessity in this administration. Let the impeachments begin…..oh, and by the way, Carney is complicit in lying to the American people………he knows it….and we know it. Keep the House….take the Senate, and let the impeachments begin. Republicans will take the White House in 2016……..we need a good conservative president.

  • Mikeyoung6

    He is a spokesman for Obama so lying is an integral part of his job.

  • 1uncle

    Birdie just repeats the lies he told to say.

  • Biff Sarin

    They go so that they can all dutifully spread the SAME lie, whichever lie the administration happens to be peddling that particular day Like good yes men and lap dogs.

  • jimnjoy

    I hadn’t thought of it quite like that…but, you’re right. No matter what the obamanation come up with, they end-up smelling like a rose to most of the kool-aid drinking brain-dead.

  • bobtherebuilder

    And we’re the ones that these blatantly corrupt, in your face liars are pooing on…and apparently many like it!!

  • bobtherebuilder

    Lemme know if ya’ get a straight answer on that…OR ANY OTHER questions that are EVER presented to this “most transparent administration”!! =-O

  • bobtherebuilder

    Jay “Pinocchio” Corny lie?? Is oblamer an Islamist sympathizer..oh wait, he’s a Christian…and there’s “not even a SMIDGEN” of corruption! =-O :-D

  • defiant1

    Jay Carney is a product of Obama and this admin lies about everything. So what are the real questions regarding Benghazi?

  • jimnjoy

    Carney will be like so many others who leave. They know too much so they will be given cushy jobs in some think-tank or the like to keep them quiet. Sold their souls to the devil, you might say.

  • jimnjoy

    Is Carney lying? Is the Pope Catholic? Wait…never mind.

    Is Carney lying? Does a bear go poo in the woods? Yes.

  • christian_928

    Sure, and Bush, Cheney and Condoleezza ALWAYS told the truth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You guys are pathetic. First of all, do you notice that in this entire article, though this supposed “Benghazi document” is referenced over and over again, not ONE detail of said email is divulged? Wonder why? Simply put, there is NOTHING in that email. It links the White House to exactly squat! You seem to have Incredibly short memories when it comes to presidential transparency and honesty not to mention wholesaler for the office. You people.screamed bloody murder if you thought anyone showed what YOU considered the least bit of disrespect towards W going so far as to call anyone who disagreed with him un-American and in some.cases traitors. Apparently that doesn’t apply to YOU. Well here’s a little breaking news for ya, politicians are liars, ALL OF GHEM!!! BUSH and Cheney lied, Obama has lied and whoever is in there next will lie. Period! The bottom line though is that you need to accept that your guys are no better than this guy. That the republicans are just as shitty as you think the democrats are and that the federal government is simply there to ensure that corporations and the super wealthy get e everything they want while the bills are paid by text working class.

  • 7loubro_4

    Why does the media group rush to hear the lies that spew forth from the puppet? Why not just not go and make up the lies themselves? It is obviously a waste of time to expect truth from a puppet. Media to ask for ValPOTUS to come in and clear things up about who is in charge. That would make for a newsworthy press conference.

  • Lt_Scrounge

    Don’t get me wrong, Obama has a string of dead bodies to account for. Americans in combat zones that are aiding and abetting the enemy not getting due process before being executed aren’t among them. What exactly would the difference be between the SEALs trying to grab Alwaliki and killing him in the process versus a drone simply removing him from the planet? The only difference is that the Seals would be at risk. Personally, the RoE that this administration has demanded have cost us enough lives. When an American goes to a war zone and joins the enemy, he becomes the enemy. Once he crosses that line, the Geneva Conventions come into play.

  • educatingtoolsandfools

    Carney is Obama’s Baghdad Bob.

  • seewillie

    He reminds me of the John Lovitz character on the old Saturday Night Live…..the president of the Professional Liars Club…….”yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket”

  • http://www.common-sensesolutions.com/ teridavisnewman

    Long-term untreated syphilis would be my diagnosis for Reid and Pelosi.

  • http://www.common-sensesolutions.com/ teridavisnewman

    Sadly, no. We are failing every day.

  • http://www.common-sensesolutions.com/ teridavisnewman

    The only bigger liar than Jay Carney is the Chicago Jesus personally.

  • esquire2

    Can the CIA be guilty of Treason? … gun-running for Syrian rebels? … from Benghazi?

  • esquire2

    but he has Great Ties to the Lame-Stream Media …

  • jadams76

    If Bagdad Jay is talking and/or smirking, he’s lying.

  • Allen

    Carney us paid to lie and does it with a straight face.

  • boyer68

    Jay Carney lie? What? No way! This guy’s gonna’ have to get a job swatting urinal gnats after he leaves public life in order to regain his self respect.

  • nick zarnowski

    there is not much mr carney does not lie about……

  • Sam From Texas USA

    Carney makes Bagdad Bob look like an Eagle Scout..

  • http://saddlebum1.wordpress.com/ Timothy W. Lucas

    Carney is not very believable and for the money we should have a better liar. Just a few cross questions and the paper that covers his rear shows. He can do it straight faced so I have to credit his lying ability somewhat. He does have a good teacher.

  • showmesplfd

    Isn’t Carney more or less like his boss? As a general rule of thumb: when his lips are moving he is probably lying. Now with Carney there is always some room for doubt, unlike Obama where you can be nearly guaranteed that especially when it pertains to anything of importance, the lies will be tumbling off his tongue. If you take everything he says with a heavy dose of skepticism and look to find your own verification of facts, you will probably do just fine, but if you blindly accept everything the MSM spoonfeeds you, you are beyond hope.

  • hammar

    They have all lied from obuma, Clinton {for holding the truth back}, Rice for going along with the parade-charade, Carney who is the obuma spin master, even the media for failing to do their jobs even thou we all knew it was islam killing those Americans.

  • treebird

    Keep the pressure up! www.overpasses.org and https://www.facebook.com/OperationAmericanSpring.Target.Washington.DC will be going to DC to put the pressure on congress to act on the articles of Impeachment drawn up by an attorney from Operation American Spring. No news agency will cover the story, you could be the first!

  • mrsgunnut10

    Sure Carney has been lying, or to make it sound better, he (Carney), doesn’t know the truth. He has been covering Obama’s Butt from the very first day of his Appointment by the Lying Commander In Chief. You don’t need to be an College English Major to understand Basic Principles of Lying – JUSt DON’T TELL THE TRUTH . Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • PartyOfLincoln

    I think it does. How about Obama ordering the killing of Americans with out due process? That is treason and has happened. The hypocrisy on the left is astounding! We would still be talking about it if Bush has done the same!

  • PartyOfLincoln

    Liberal keep repeating Carney’s lies, but this article brings up a good point. If this email had nothing to do with Benghazi, then why was it release as a request for information on Benghazi?

  • Faithful_Watchman

    “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder
    respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
    –George Orwell

  • Ken Chimp

    “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

    Does arming al Qaeda “affiliated” forces, regardless of where they are or who they are currently fighting”, not fit the definition above?
    Well, I mean….if al Qaeda really IS an enemy of the United States of America.

  • CalMum

    Is America too big to fail?

  • Charles Hagen

    With Stinger missiles being HANDED to Al Qaeda, Benghazi can be described with one word…



  • Keith Davidson

    You’re right. Which is why I can’t believe this article made the statement: “Perhaps the White House should coordinate with the State Department about the definition of a “Benghazi record”.”

    Yeah, way to go, moron. Give them instruction on how to cover their a$$.

  • Cindy

    This is why they need Common Core, to further dumb down the idiots that are willing to drool, nod and swallow any line of BS that these criminals in the administration hand them.

  • GBWO

    They are already coordinating, and shredding while they purge the hard drives.

  • Kathy Weber

    Carney has become an Obama Clone, he’s lost himself in the Dictatorship, Pelosi is just demented “you gotta sign it to read it” Sweep it under the Rug Syndrome and Reid has definite symptoms and signs of Dementia, needs to be put out to pasture!

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