Judicial Watch • JW President Tom Fitton Discusses the IRS “Lost” Emails Investigation

JW President Tom Fitton Discusses the IRS “Lost” Emails Investigation

JW President Tom Fitton Discusses the IRS “Lost” Emails Investigation

JUNE 24, 2014

JW President Tom Fitton believes that top IRS officials, including IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, may be in legal peril due to their undisclosed knowledge of IRS hard drive destruction.

“It’s that refusal to tell Congress in a timely way about the loss of evidence that raises all sorts of legal questions, both criminal and civil, about the obstruction of the Congressional investigation and the failure to provide information to a subpoena that puts people like the IRS Commissioner and other officials who knew about this document destruction and loss at risk legally.”

However, Fitton is not convinced that the congressional investigation will yield answers given the IRS’s “contempt” for the congressional process since its commencement.

“Unless you have an independent criminal inquiry…we’re not going to get answers to this. I don’t trust the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel. There is no way Eric Holder wants to do this – he is as politicized an Attorney General as anyone we have ever seen in that office.”

Fitton highlights the importance of independent investigations, pointing out that it was most likely because of JW’s underlying FOIA litigation that, back in February, the IRS “discovered” that the emails had been “lost” in the first place.

As Democrats play the defense of their administration and Republicans seek out answers, deadlock is inevitable unless Congress changes its investigation proceedings.

“Congress has shown itself time and time again unable to get the truth from this administration – that’s why you need independent investigations, a special counsel, and a different approach from Congress in terms of its own investigations.”

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  • Snellville bob

    I believe that as corrupt as the Obama administration is and the type of people they hire that someone has the original hard drive of a copy or it for blackmail purposes. It could easily fetch $100 million.

  • Snellville bob

    Sadly we do not have enough people in Congress to investigate all of Obama’s scandals. I really suspect that this entire crises every week is part of Obama’s plan to get people who care to stop paying attention because of the stress it is causing. “Alienation by illegal Aliens” seems to be his current one.

  • Samuel Stein

    What would we do without, Judicial Watch?! God bless this honorable organization.

  • Noremacam

    And in spite of those crashes, absolutely no client information was lost whatsoever. What a lucky coincidence!

  • ministeroffire

    St. Luke 12:2-3 For There Is Nothing Covered, That Shall Not Be Revealed; Neither Hid, That Shall Not Be Known!
    3, Therefore Whatsoever Ye Have Spoken In Darkness (In Secret, In Lies & Deceptions) Shall Be Heard In The Light (Truth, Revelation of The Truth); and That Which Ye Have Spoken In The Ear In Closets (In Secret, In Private) Shall Be Proclaimed Upon The Housetops!
    Maybe Mankind Has a Hard Time Exposing and Revealing Secrets, But The Lord God & True Jesus Christ Will Have No Trouble Exposing and Revealing All of The Secrets of All of These Liars and Deceivers In Government and In The IRS In The Near Future, In This Final End Time Fig Tree Generation!
    The Lord God Keeps Perfect Records of All That We Say, Think and Do In This World Age!
    St. Matthew 12:36-37 But I (True Jesus Christ & God) Say Unto You, That Every Idle Word That Men (Any Soul) Shall Speak, They Shall Give Account Thereof In The Day of Judgment!
    37, For By Thy Words Thou Shalt Be Justified, and By Thy Words Thou Shalt Be Condemned!
    The Government and The IRS Have a Lot of Idle Words, (Which The Lord God Keeps Perfect Records of), That The Lord God & True Jesus Christ Will Expose and Reveal Which Will Condemn Them!

  • http://mysteresmoonbatslayerclub.blogspot.com/ mystere

    No matter what the IRS claims, somewhere on some server, the emails are out there, waiting to be brought back to light. It’s only a matter of time before they surface to haunt the IRS.

  • Eldridge P Barrington III

    I’m not a techie, but my understanding from working in the Corp world, is that regardless of the sender or receiver’s computers, the e-mail server would have a copy of any/all e-mails up to a certain length of time. Also, If memory serves, there are laws requiring gov’t agencies to do off-site “disaster recovery” back up, probably in real time, or daily at the longest. I have not seen this mentioned in any of the few articles I’ve read.

  • Harry Truman

    Let’s talk to the IT people at the IRS and Sonasoft. Let’s talk about how the computers (and only those) of six or seven people under investigation suddenly and coincidentally crashed and how it was handled. The IT people will be more forthcoming than these smarmy politicians who think they are untouchable.

  • ** Defiant Soul **

    Once again we will hear a bunch of lies and see one cover-up after another and the end result will be as usual… nothing will happen and no-one will be held responsible or do any prison time over it.

  • DrF

    The ‘core’ issue with the IRS is that we are supposed to take THEIR word as to how these emails were lost. It is technologically impossible for them to be lost:
    1. The IRS Commissioner says they can’t afford to back up more than X emails. It would take 10-30 million dollars we are told. But we discover that the IRS gave 89 million in bonuses to it’s employees, and he inferred it was only 1000 per employee.
    2. The contract with the back up contractor was terminated shortly after this happened- implying that the IRS did not want the committee to find this data.
    3. The material was said to have been backed up to tape but the testimony of Koskinen is that NO ONE went to extract the emails because it would be too costly. Excuse me??? Which part of the Subpoena from Congress do you not get? You were ordered by the U.S. Congress to produce these, you said you would, then you lied saying you had them all the while knowing (or claiming to know) that they were deleted.
    4. Governmental IT backup systems, whether contracted or in house, back up to a SET (not just one) server. The servers are set up like a set of file cabinets with several hard drives each. If one goes down, it is replaced (hotswapped), but the information on that one drive is duplicated redundantly on several other drives (in the other 3, 4, 10, etc. ‘cabinets). AND much of the information is also further backed up off-site. It is at least a triple if not more redundancy.

    This is a blatant display of contempt for Congress; i.e., that the American public is just to d**n dumb to understand data technology, but heck, trust us, we’re the IRS. And the Obummer first says, this is contemptable. Then he says, we’ll get to the bottom of it. THEN he says there is not a smidgen of corruption in this ‘scandal.’ Better check his emails- oh wait, they probably are lost as well.

  • blacksunshine84

    How about NSA? Wouldn’t it have the records?

  • giatny

    They did. The response was that the company only stored essential data and no
    longer is under contract. The IRS also claimed it doesn’t have enough money and
    its computer systems are old. Complete garbage of course. Any IT team would
    immediately go to the backup system the IRS admits it had as soon as the hard
    drive crashed. The 6 month period of retaining data was certainly long enough for
    the data to be retrieved. Lies. Lies. Lies.

  • blacksunshine84

    Why hasn’t Congress asked the IRS about Sonasoft?

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