Judicial Watch • DHS Source: TSA Lets Illegal Aliens Surpass Airport Security to Board Planes

DHS Source: TSA Lets Illegal Aliens Surpass Airport Security to Board Planes

DHS Source: TSA Lets Illegal Aliens Surpass Airport Security to Board Planes

JULY 18, 2014

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is allowing illegal immigrants go around airport security to catch planes without a photo identification required of all other passengers, a high-level DHS source tells Judicial Watch.

It appears to be part of an Obama administration plan to expedite the transfer of tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC)—mostly from Central America—that have entered the country through Mexico in the last few months. They are mostly coming in through the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and authorities there are incredibly overwhelmed by the sudden influx.

To ease the load, the Obama administration is transferring the UACs—more than 53,000 by the government’s count—to other parts of the country, including Florida, Nebraska and Massachusetts. Apparently a large number of UACs are being transported to their new destination on airplanes. Most don’t have a valid identification and are being allowed to board aircrafts with a slip of paper, JW’s Homeland Security source says.

Specifically, JW’s government source reveals that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is letting the illegal aliens surpass security at the El Paso airport in Texas. “They are catching airplanes at EP Airport, TSA is letting them go around security,” the DHS official confirms. “No picture ID, just a slip of paper.” This indicates that the passengers’ true identity has not been clearly established. It’s not unreasonable to conclude this could present a national security threat.

In the meantime, American citizens and legal residents must present a valid photo ID, provided by a certified government agency, before setting foot on a plane at any airport in the United States. The TSA, the famously inept agency created to protect the nation’s transportation system (mainly airports), after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, also makes law-abiding passengers take off their shoes, jackets and empty their pockets. We have come to accept this as a necessary national security measure.

Exempting illegal immigrants whose true identities are unknown to federal authorities seems irrational to say the least. In the last few weeks JW has reported, based on information provided by inside government sources, some of the desperate measures taken by the administration as it tries to cope with the barrage of UACs. From the start the influx created an out-of-control disaster with jam-packed holding centers, rampant diseases and sexually active teenagers at a Nogales facility, according to JW’s sources.

Military bases—including Ft. Sill in Oklahoma, Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and the Ventura County Naval Base in Southern California—across the country are being used as makeshift shelters and infectious diseases largely eradicated in this country are spreading like wildfire. This includes swine flu, dengue fever Ebola virus and tuberculosis, according to a U.S. Congressman who is also a medical doctor. JW obtained a letter that the lawmaker, Phil Gingrey of Georgia, wrote to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlining the “severe and dangerous” crisis and demanding information on how the agency is handling the situation.


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  • Judy Selich

    Once I was able to decipher the spelling and grammar in your post, I realized you are missing the point. Why are they being “transferred” anywhere within the borders of the United States? Do you find it acceptable that illegal aliens can board any aircraft without identification simply because they are illegal? Allegedly, they are all young people from Mexico. Do you believe that is 100% true? Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged, would undoubtedly take issue with your “analysis” if she were still alive.

  • Noah Binder

    Hmmm. You don’t seem to know what eradicated means.

  • Noah Binder

    Yup. There’s just something about Obama these loons have hated from first sight. Can’t quite put my finger on what it is though…

  • Noah Binder

    Check out this asshat with his reasoned, rational response. Who the hell do you think you are, some sort of g.d. liberal with all your critical thought and not obvious racism? Get the hell out of our judicial watch!!!

  • Eldridge P Barrington III

    Maybe our Federal Government’s Sinaloa “Business Partners” explained that it’s far easier to live up to their end of the distribution deal by going around security rather than through it.

  • TrueShit

    This administration HAS to be stopped! This shit is getting WAY out of hand. DAMN!

  • Bourgeois

    The “friendly skies” are becoming the dangerous skies. Thank you Obama, and everyone who voted for you.

  • hadenough48

    They always pat down and x-ray old white people though. What insanity. Why is Mexico allowed to invade our country and get free passes? Mexico, Central and South America are run by criminal two legged reptiles. We should be bombing them. The military should march BO, Holder, Jarret and many more out of the red house as traitors and put them in a facility somewhere in the world and hold them forever.

  • pǝsnɟuoɔ

    “Surpass” is not the word you are looking for in this headline. “Bypass” would be just fine.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Obamama is a Fucucking Traitor!

  • diana.kunselman

    You are correct. Either way we should not pay 1 dime to these invaders. A million here a billion there does not matter to this pos.

  • maryatlanta

    They should be quarantined and sent back asap. Unaccompanied children must not be integrated into our communities and our schools. They put our children and our communities at risk. How can unaccompanied children just be sent to “various” communities anyway? This is insane! Quarantine and repatriate. Secure our borders and send illegal aliens back to their countries. The fed. gov. must support the US Constitution and protect the US – not illegal aliens.

  • maryatlanta

    Secure the border. Send illegal aliens back. The fed. gov. must protect US citizens – not illegal aliens.

  • maryatlanta

    Illegal aliens should be quarantined and repatriated asap. These are not migrants; they have been enticed by the SA media to come to the US because of Obama’s DACA policy. Only 1 out of 5 are children. They are being used as human shields. Illegal aliens must not be integrated into our communities – schools putting our children at risk of unknown illnesses and communicable diseases. Quarantine illegals at Guantanamo (via C130s). The fed. gov. must secure US borders and enforce immigration laws. The fed. gov. must support the US Constitution and protect the US – not illegal aliens.

  • TEA Lover

    He asked for $4 bil – that’s with a ‘b’

  • Brenda

    I just came from Mexico.. only 2% of the people coming through are Mexican. 20% are children and 80% of them are Adults who were flown in by commercial flights from Afghanistan, Pakistan , and Iraq.. Muslims look like they could be Hispanic. Its easier for you to believe they are Mexican and have compassion than knowing Commercial Airliners have been flying the People in the Middle East to Mexico.. Our Governments playing an Okey Dokey, using Mexico as a chump. Muslims train children at the age of 5 to kill.. so not only are grown men getting through but so are the children.. The the Obama administration just sold the Muslim Brotherhood 11 Billion in weapons. I wonder how many of them are hidden here, just waiting on the terrorist to slither in through the Mexican border, grab the weapons, and wait for one of the Terrorist Leaders Obama released from Guantanamo. I mean come on people.. we are on High Alert here.

  • Barb3000

    Another thing if these people are running from drug cartels and are refugees why is all three countries advertizing tourism? You don’t fly to a country that is in the middle of a civil war and check into a hotel as part of your vacation if there are fleeing refugees. I see ads in all of the Sunday newspapers with ads geared to tourism. What is happening is no worse than what happens in Detroit or Chicago on a weekend. So get over it.

  • Barb3000

    Not one of these people is a refugee, from what the kids themselves have told the border patrol why they are coming here for the amnesty. I knew some of these kids were coming across but this exploded in the past year. This is all Obama’s fault, he kept talking for months about amnesty now wants billions of taxpayer dollars to supposedly close our borders which he will not willingly do no matter how much money he gets. This man needs impeached, he could care less what happens to the country because he has a hatred for the US that he can’t hide and its coming out more and more in his actions.

  • Peter Roach

    Your are right.

  • Peter Roach

    Do you mean straight ?

  • diana.kunselman

    We are rotting from within, and being attacked from within. Ob@%$#^%$ama is the ENEMY of the US.

  • diana.kunselman

    Clueless wonder, 75% are male 14-17. Yes this is Ob%$#&*&^%ama’s fault. He knew it in Oct., Janurary. Fear? Southern Cal just had an outbreak of TB in a HS in May. You are completly uninformed. This did not come from Fox News. These people are carrying diseases we erradicated 50 years ago. They are uneducated, sick, 3rd world. You want to pay for it we will gladly send them to your door, especially the ones with the body tatoos-MS-13.

  • diana.kunselman

    Obviously you have not been keeping up with the facts. Diseases, gang MS-13 members, 75% of these illegals are men between 14-17. This CAN be turned around with legislation today..but the Saul Alinsky tactics are just to good to be true for Ob%$%#%$&ama. He taught it, he lives it. We are not giving him 5 mil.

  • diana.kunselman

    Disease? Gang members, some of whom have commited murder?

  • diana.kunselman

    This could have been stopped with a pen and a phone, but Obie just could not let his Saul Alinsky plan stop. They knew about this in October, then Janurary. It was just to brilliant and devious to let slide. Overwhelm the system, bring America and it’s towns and cities down..

  • Donald Ham

    I wrote my own comment above after yours to explain my viewpoint. It is not as if these kids have gone from the border to go free to roam the country. They have spent some time in a holding area for processing. The issue I have is the UNACCOMPANIED part of this travel issue. If these kids are old enough to travel alone on an aircraft with their ONLY ID the permission paper from DHS, then they are old enough to be kept in detention until their court date. There is no longer ANY real security at the airport!
    I do not use air travel, since it must be so dangerous that people practically get strip searched to board a plane, and certain persons can buy special dispensation passes if they pay the government a fee, or lately, a free pass issued by DHS. The federal assumption being that the general public is high risk, but those who pay are somehow not after a limited background check.

  • Atlasshruggedmyass

    So let get this strait, you right-wing loons were mad that they weren’t being transfered fast enough and now that the Feds
    are trying To do that until there deportation hearings you all are complaining about it?! If there illegal then OBVIOUSLY they
    Wouldn’t have any american federal identification! That’s just plain common sense. Another non story(eye roll).

  • buildAwall

    the “it” i was speaking of is that statue in nyc harbor… come on. really ham thanks for the education…
    my point although it seems lost on someone so smart like you- any terrorist can skip on across the boarder.

  • Donald Ham

    buildAwall – I agree about sealing the border (and the interior). However, you use the wrong criterion, and a poem is not immigration law. The poem applies to a time in U.S. history, and it has been placed on a stature facing Europe, not Mexico!

  • Donald Ham

    From the DHS view, these UACs have been screened while they were in custody. Even if their ID is not verified, they really pose no risk to air travelers. Since there have been no reported theft of the UAC “security bypass papers”, air travel security has still been maintained, as I see it. We already have special security bypass procedures for air traveling adults, and we see nothing wrong with that. What I have an objection over is the RELEASE of unaccompanied illegal alien children to travel wherever they want without adult supervision. Security could be breached without proper monitoring by DHS. Therein lies the unreasonableness of the DHS actions.

  • Richard Saunders

    “vetted by Homeland Security” How do you vet someone when you don’t know who they are?

    “non-existent jobs” You are correct in that we don’t have jobs for them when they come of age so they will remain on the government dole.

    “They are mostly small children” Wrong, they are mostly teenagers.

    “They are fleeing for their lives.” Wrong again. El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) intel report from July 7, 2014″ , “violence is likely not the principal factor driving the increase” in the migration of illegal immigrant children. The report notes that United Nations statistics show “a decline in per capita homicide rates” in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador since fiscal year 2011.

    These are not refuges!

  • john

    shame shame shame…our government and nation has become a joke…these days, i am embarrassed to be , what is defined today as, an american

  • hotwaterbottle

    They have said the reason they are coming at this time is because they think they will get amnesty. Also many are teenagers and gang members, not all young kids by far.

  • Condosarecool

    This is a b/s article. The “undocumented refugees” have been searched, showered, interviewed and vetted by Homeland Security and are now being shipped for processing somewhere. Give us a break and stop the “fear tactics”. Oh I forgot that’s what made Fox so successful. Maybe they missed the dynamite in a five year old’s body cavity. OOHHH I’m so afraid.
    Folks these kids are not coming here to take the non-existent jobs you’re worried about. They are mostly small children who like the children fleeing Nazi Germany are REFUGEES. They are fleeing for their lives. America has historically offered refuge to these people.
    Where did all the hate come from? Maybe just one more thing to blame on Obama?

  • naedrdmk

    Who the heck knows who is moving about our country? Just unbelievable.

  • A Christian

    The people of America should stand up and end Obama’s presidency ASAP, and return all illegals by plane to their country NOW. This whole fiasco is a criminal mess, perpetrated by Obama to overwhelm our southern borders and to plunge our country into CHAOS!! Obama is the ultimate traitor, and he should be treated as such and held accountable!!! Next, the billionaire traitors behind this treasonous situation need to also be arrested and imprisoned as TRAITORS!!! With NO PAROLE — no matter how many billions upon billions these NON-AMERICANS have!!! Any person or group involved in this criminal border surge should also be held accountable as traitors for putting the rights, welfare and support of illegals ahead of the welfare, safety and security of our LEGAL CITIZENS!!!

  • Rick Cooley

    Great sarcasm!! :)

  • Rick Cooley

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest! Obummer sucks the big green one!!

  • http://batman-news.com henry

    Our FEMA CAMP in Oklahoma,
    used to be an huge electronics plant that closed down, and moved to Mexico.
    Now they are being housed in Ft. Sill.

  • http://batman-news.com henry

    If I knew where they were being held in our state where some are being housed I would gladly go.
    I would much rather go to the border to help protect our border guards being shot at.

  • xmisterx9

    Just another flaw in our country’s security which could easily be used by terrorists.
    When I have traveled overseas I have to provide paperwork (passports), and have myself and my luggage screened.
    Am I am traveling legally.
    BUT if you cross a border illegally (at least our border) then none of that screening applies.
    Mind Boggling.

  • capers2

    I guess all we (U.S. citizens) need is a letter from our mommy to travel freely via airlines now.

  • Teresa

    its going to take more then just complaining about it to stop it. We all need to get off the couch and do something about it. Ive signed up to volunteer and I am looking for peaceful protests to participate in. How about YOU!!!

  • No More Madness

    Just hope the IRS or that bitch Lerner doesn’t get hold of the data base.

  • goldminetown

    I don’t believe this is happening in America !

  • Tim Bell

    Why haven’t they opened the barb-wired FEMA camps for these criminals? That is where they belong until they are “processed” and sent back to Mexico.

  • Edgar Roupe

    His Majesty treats foreign invaders better than he treats his native subjects.

  • raintyday

    QUIT TIP TOEING AROUND GOING TO THE COURTS TO STOP THIS LAWLESS PRESIDENT FROM DOING SO MUCH DAMAGE TO OUR COUNTRY AND IMPEACH HIM NOW BEFORE IT GETS WORSE ( if possible ) It doesn’t matter how long it takes it’s the idea to say the American people will not put up with this crap. At the same time sue his butt for wages earned because he broke his vows and we should not pay wages to someone that thinks so little of our laws and system. Look at it this way = he’ll be going out of office then anyway but will ensure that he will be OUT of government. THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT! JUST CONCIDER THE INFLUENCE HE HAS HAD AND THE DAMAGE HE HAS ALREADY DONE TO OUR COUNTRY AND FREEDOMS!

  • grammy23

    Every one of them should be fingerprinted, photographed, forced to give their name (or a name), d.o.b., weighed and measured and all of this information kept on a separate and secure database with links available to every state Social Service Agency and Attorney General. When they don’t show up for their hearings there should immediately be a warrant for their arrest. HHS should not be giving them any benefits but instead call authorities when they come in to apply. Enough is enough.

  • John Smith

    It would be one thing if they were getting a pass to leave the country but there only being redistributed around the country. Still think we’re not under attack from the inside out and the top down?

  • buildAwall

    yes i believe it does say… bring us your tired your hungry your terrorist! seal the boarders north and south

  • Kameron Krause

    yeah this just proves the Patriot Act is a complete lie. It proves that it was only put into affect to take away the rights of American Citizens. If our government or any government is really concerned about the safety of their citizens the first thing you do is secure its borders so 2 year olds cant just walk across. If a toddler can then any (terrorist) really shouldn’t have an issue. So molesting us and going through all our stuff is really not a reasonable thing since we have all these undocumented God only knows who they really are or where they really come from just strolling in our country. What a joke, and now they board commercial airlines too. Isnt that special.

  • Jim Sanders

    you are so right

  • Maurice E. Gilbert Sr.

    When the king’s in charge, anything is possible~

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