Judicial Watch • “Dreamer” Convicted of Killing 2 Girls Spared Deportation Under Obama Amnesty

“Dreamer” Convicted of Killing 2 Girls Spared Deportation Under Obama Amnesty

“Dreamer” Convicted of Killing 2 Girls Spared Deportation Under Obama Amnesty

AUGUST 20, 2014

An illegal immigrant protected by President Obama’s amnesty for “Dreamers” (brought to the United States through no fault of their own as children) will not be deported after getting convicted of felony hit-and-run for killing two little girls playing in a leaf pile.

The shocking story comes out of a small town near Portland Oregon, a city that has long offered illegal aliens sanctuary. In fact, the entire state of Oregon is a sanctuary for those in the country illegally and all law enforcement officers are banned from using any public resources to locate or capture illegal immigrants. This case involves a 19-year-old woman, Cinthya ­Garcia-Cisneros, living illegally in the U.S. since she was four years old. She’s the classic candidate for the president’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) directive, which grants illegal aliens who came to the U.S. as youngsters a two-year deferment from deportation.

Under DACA, implemented in 2012, Garcia-Cisneros received a work permit, driver’s license and Social Security number. Last fall she slammed a sports utility vehicle into a leaf pile, killing 6-year-old and 11-year-old stepsisters, then she fled and her boyfriend helped cover up the crime. The horrific crash occurred in Forest Grove, which is about 25 miles west of Portland. Garcia-Cisneros got arrested the following day and her boyfriend is in jail for hindering prosecution. Earlier this year a jury found her guilty of two counts of felony hit-and-run. Even under DACA, the illegal immigrant should have been deported so she was taken to an immigration detention center in Tacoma, Washington months ago to complete removal proceedings.

Shockingly, Garcia-Cisneros was recently released from the federal facility and this week an immigration judge dismissed her deportation case. A Portland-area radio station was the first to break the unbelievable story, but the national media subsequently showed interest because crucial portions of the case are shrouded in secrecy. The judge gave no reason for dismissing the deportation and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has declined to say why the case was dropped, according to a national newswire story that says the feds cited “privacy issues.”

As egregious as the Garcia-Cisneros case may seem, there may be many others like it because the Obama administration has gone out of its way to protect illegal immigrants regardless of criminal history. In fact, shortly after DACA was implemented Judicial Watch reported that federal immigration officers were actually ordered to release illegal aliens arrested for violent crimes as long as they claimed to be “Dreamers”—protected by DACA—who came to the U.S. as children.

Officials at separate front-line agencies of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—ICE and the U.S. Border Patrol—were so infuriated that that they made the shocking directive pubic. Both are longtime federal agents and union heads who represent thousands of immigration officers around the country. They confirmed that Illegal immigrants are essentially running the show, avoiding detention by exploiting the Obama administration’s controversial DACA plan, which is expected to spare nearly 1 million young illegal immigrants (so-called “dreamers”) from deportation.

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  • michaelcain


  • michaelcain

    Great going there buddy

  • michaelcain

    But the fact she ran was the criminal offence.

  • michaelcain

    Not a bad idea and put an add for more to come and join the fun

  • michaelcain

    And let it happen to those that are making the bombs

  • michaelcain

    This attitude seems to prevail in many incidents in the U S by these so called innocent Ilegals and their friends to do some thing wrong and then RUN. I once had one of them park their car across my drive way and in the process of getting out of my driveway I connected with their car and the police was going to cite me for leaving the scene when I was still in my drive way .Bottom line I had to give them my insurance information and submit to an inspection of my vehicle. which was in my favor but the propencity of being put through the proverbial wringer for their rights here in the U S is out rageous. trhey do not have any morals and expect you THE gringo to accept what ever they wish to, do. well maybe I would have been better off doing something to them . bottom line they kept their cars out of my driveway and very soon disappeared.

  • michaelcain

    GO ahead and place your families head on the chopping block, and may god bless you.AS your family and friends surely will not.

  • michaelcain

    Then stand up and fight it

  • michaelcain

    But that does not include Obama fed laws.

  • michaelcain

    This act should awaken the residents to the fact that these illegals are not of any kind of responsible character and that they belong back where they came from. they have no conscience for what makes the U S citizen work. if you do not mind holding the hand of potiential killers then go ahead but they will not survive before the people get a gut full and destroy them and their keepers.

  • AmericanGirl1965

    Nothing good comes out of the illegal alien population in the U.S. Only tragedies such as this, or exploitation of the welfare system.

  • AmericanGirl1965

    And she’ll likely have another hit and run in the future.

  • AmericanGirl1965

    When she left the scene, it was murder. Anyone else would have stopped to help those children. It is POS like you who are destroying our country. And you know if you or I did that we’d be sitting in prison right now. So STFU you puke.

  • Harry

    Would you rather have her at least locked up for awhile or free to swim back across the river?

  • Harry

    Federal laws apply in both Portlands.

  • pfbulmer

    illegal Immigrants should take note. Do not confuse Portland Maine with Portland Oregon where they seem to have different laws and is also where one’s luggage is normally program to go anyway. I have never been to Portland Oregon but my luggage knows it well !!

  • Kkaoign Singleton

    Why wasn’t there a special prosecution if it was known this town is breaking laws by not enforcing them?

  • Kkaoign Singleton

    Not only did she not get deported but she only got probation and community service! Why would anyone drive through a pile of leaves on the side of a street and then claim the children were inside the pile rather than on top? She had no drivers license or insurance and worst of all she did not stop after hitting the girls. Is 20 years in jail to much to ask for and then her and her entire family deported?

  • Yankee Mike Bravo

    Obama had nothing to do with the judge’s decision. It was a simple administrative hearing. Under the law, the girl had to be deported. The judge dismissed the case and won’t say why.

    If his supervising judge can’t get him to talk, if all this bad publicity can’t get him to talk, then it’s time for Congress to start impeachment proceedings.

  • Yankee Mike Bravo

    True. To qualify for the Dream Act, an illegal must have been brought to the country as a child, must have graduated from high school, must NOT HAVE ANY CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS, and must be a college graduate or must have served in the military.

    What “privacy concerns” could there possibly be in a public trial? In the U.S., Star Champers proceedings are unconstitutional.

  • pat roberts

    your comment is asinine. This was 5 centuries ago, don’t things change? The US used to have open borders. Anyone who made it here could stay. But back then, we did not have a welfare state. Now things are different. We have a generous welfare state. And if you have a welfare state, you cannot have open borders. No, sir. You don’t qualify for my tax dollars if you come here illegally without having paid your taxes. That’s how it is.

  • pat roberts

    F* Obama! Why does this radical baboon get to have the final word in this matter, and we don’t?

  • Nichelle Plivelic

    She might not have meant to kill them, but it is still a hit-and-run. If she had called an ambulance or something instead of trying to cover it up with her boyfriend’s help neither of them would have gotten into much trouble for it.

  • dslpltdor

    She didn’t murder anyone , the girls were covered in leaves at night , in the middle of the street . Even the girls parents said ‘ It was a accident ‘ and forgave her . But we will leave it to a ravenous infected soul like yours , to spill your condemnation and ugly hatred . This must be another one of those ‘ wacko bird ,wing nut , partisan tool websites ?

  • Mike Knurek

    OK so she was able to stay in America what about responsibility for the two children”s lives she’s taken.What the hell is going on in this country has every one gone mad. Through the illegal bitch in jail and the judge too.

  • rhondakelly07

    Illegals bring NON DRUG restiant TB no cure

  • rhondakelly07

    Top 2 killers in nUSA are blacks and illegals , who BOTH, kill more than Iraq war each year..

  • Dixon

    Being convicted of felony hit and run means the driver knew they hit someone at the time it occurred and, knowing that, left the scene of the accident. The entire premise of your contention is defective.

  • McH2099

    That doesn’t sound right. An Immigration Judge doesn’t make any determinations regarding DACA. Her being in proceedings means ICE determined she wasn’t eligible.

  • flicker66

    This murderous illegal fiend is just the tip of the iceberg. These illegal invaders do not appear to have a sense of right and wrong . So just wait for the next chapter . When my son went off to college we gave him a little advice . DO NOT BRING ONE OF THESE ILLEGAL INVADERS HOME AND TRY AND INCORPORATE them into our family

  • Mark Kelly

    She was only 17. It was her cousin that got busted for obstruction of justice and got less than 1 year. The local media m ade HER the “Victim” and blamed the girls’ father for leaving two girls alone in front of their house for a few seconds. The Latina sped up to run through a leaf pile in the dark. The girls were in the leaf pile which also covered their front yard. She ran, her cousin tried to cover up the damage and she has walked free and clear. There has been a rash of illegals committing Vehicular Homicide in the area. The police ignore these bad drivers, the system ignores these multiple deportees when they return and the local media makes them the “Victims” when they kill. illegal Latinas are the new “Top of the Totem Pole”.

  • flicker66

    I have wondered the same thing.

  • ** Defiant Soul **

    My response to you is you’re an idiot.

  • Sharon50MP

    I hate to tell you but the Indians you speak of were NOT the first ones here. Do some research. No legal American would get away with a hit and run. Good Lord!
    I guess you missed this part of the story, “Shockingly, Garcia-Cisneros was recently released from the federal facility…”

  • Boetica

    Amy, the Native Americans were beating the crap out of each other before the Europeans came, so why don’t you use some logic that is pertinent to the 21st century?

    The United States is a sovereign nation with existing borders which need to be enforced.

  • TrollExorcist

    WOW…just Wow! Let’s just obliterate the borders and invite the whole world in…that’ll teach us Americans for being Sovereign minded U.S. Citizens… give me a break!!!

  • Chrystal Bolling

    What is your heritage and what gives you the right stalk and harass other human beings? It sounds like you “not a liberal” are the real terrorist and have no respect for this country or others. Thank you for admitting publicly that you are conspiring to set off a homemade explosive and/or mass killing of people in our country. I am sure that the Federal Bureau of Investigations and similar government agencies also thank you for making their jobs easier and justified.

  • Amy Schiller

    No law is perfect so don’t whine about things just because someone didn’t realize they hit someone until it was too late and panicked and ran. The Natives in the country are Native Americans and everyone else pretty much came here and beat the crap out of them so they could stay here–paving the way for the current populace of people. No one is native to anything but their origins. If they want to stay in the country I suppose it gives them a chance to prove that they can stay. Like another person says, it gives this judge a chance to prosecute the hit and run.

  • not a liberal

    We, Americans, are going to have to rid our country of these illegals ourselves; along with them all the amnesty lovers. I have a list muslims, illegals, and individuals who have no respect for this country or others. The explosion is near.

  • NoToNanny

    The trouble is that you guys put Obama in office – twice!

  • Marguerite

    The judge said she cant be deported, fine. She has to stand for trial for the two felony murders. In which if she is found guilty then its life in prison on the other hand executed..

  • Gary Honeycutt

    The next administration needs to give them 30 days to leave. Thereafter they should be rounded up and put in railroad boxcars to the border. Any who resist should be shot.

  • joeb104

    Thanks obozo, thanks low info voters, you don’t know who you are because your too fn stupid.

  • TwinkleStar2

    Well, at least the illegals are killing folks in Oregon. Some could say Oregon deserves such people living among the natives since they take the illegals to their bosom. I don’t know about kicking out all Democrats from the country, but we can send them to camps in Oregon!

  • DanaLanders

    This is in itself criminal! The judge should be barred, the freeloading felon kicked out of our country. This is OUR country, Obama, not yours! Besides, didn’t they make a big deal that this dream on thing made certain that felons were not eligible to stay in this country? We need to kick out all Democrats from across the land this November, it’s the only way to change things….

  • Ron Villemaire

    It’s O-Bummer and all his Demo-Crumb cronies in the Senate and Congress that are responsible for this…..this is also why the Demo-Crumbs don’t want ID checks at the Voting Booths…..they know these ILLEGAL INVADERS will vote for them and all the benefits the demo-crumbs pass out on the backs of tax paying AMERICANS…….If I Had My Way I Would Install Several 100,000 Good Old Boys With Their Own Firearms And LIne Them Up Across The Entire UNITED STATES Border And Have Them Blow Away Anyone Trying To sneak In……And Leave The Bodies Where They Fall As Permanent Scarecrows……..

  • lexingtonnchick

    Lets look at the facts here before you think crazy. I am not for DACA or anything else BUT, get the whole story. The 2 girls were in a leaf pile on the side of the street (not in the yard), the girl was an honor student who had never been in trouble AND the parents of the girls admitted that they girls shouldn’t have been out there in the road hiding in leafs AND they forgave her and requested no jail time. This was an ugly accident that the girl has showed remorse for from the beginning. I think there are alot of worse illegals coming into this country we need to worry about.

  • Richard Winchester

    Me and My AR-15 have privacy issues at the U.S. Border next week…

  • RVNMike

    Yep. We need a few million more just like her. Thank you obama.

  • Gary White

    Elections have consequences.

  • Catherine Mammana

    And….is she doing any prison time for the crime? Or is she straight off-the-hook?

  • Lady M

    Wonder how Obama would feel had these girls that were hit been his children. It’s way past time to get the illegal aliens out of the country as well as the politicians out of office that support them and the DACA. They’re both ruining the USA.

  • Johnny Christensen

    This is all BS , and I hate Obama !

  • william russell

    Hey all i do not recognize who the usa is any more. Just hang out the sign come to the usa illegal and you can stay and get all the free benefits you want that usa citizens are willing to pay for in higher taxes. If you break our laws, if you kill someone, do not worry you will not be prosecuted. I do not know the usa any more.

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