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City Attorney’s Suspicious Money

Here is an original line from an elected official who took campaign money tainted with suspicion and conflict-of-interest; ?I was not aware they were donors.? That is what Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said when the local newspaper printed a story that documents how he took thousands of dollars…


Councilman Faces Larger Debt After Indictment

Today a grand jury indicted Philadelphia City Councilman Rick Mariano for taking bribes “to help businessmen finagle schemes that cost taxpayers more than $700,000 – crimes that netted him just $30,000.” Considering the seriousness of the charges, an attempted cover-up of the illegal misdeeds, allegations of witness intimidation, and a…


Political Reform For Tennessee

The Chattanooga Times reported yesterday on a new focus to reform politics in Tennessee. After the FBI brought charges against nine current and former Tennessean politicians in their Tennessee Waltz probe, citizens of the Volunteer State have become more concerned about ethics reform. The Tennesse Waltz Probe was a sting…


More FEMA Negligence

Just when you thought that perhaps the Federal Emergency Management Agency was getting its act together, a Florida newspaper has revealed the troubling findings of FEMA’s latest mishaps in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It turns out that the agency has paid millions of dollars to families that don’t exist…


Maryland Senator Indicted

Former Maryland state senator, Thomas Bromwell, was once one of the most powerful figures in Annapolis. He was first elected to the senate in 1983 and rose to the powerful position of Finance Committee chairman. His career has taken quite a dive. This week he was indicted on federal corruption…


U.N. Scandal’s Virginia Connection

A Virginia oil trading company has pleaded guilty to grand larceny in the United Nations oil-for-food scandal and will pay a $250,000 fine. Midway Trading, located in Reston, Virginia, is one of thousands of companies connected to the oil-for-food program created to supposedly help Iraqis cope with U.N. sanctions imposed…


FEMA Wakes Up

The folks running the Federal Emergency Management Agency have apparently been stricken with common sense. After being criticized for awarding more than a billion dollars in no-bid federal contracts for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts, FEMA has vowed to re bid in an effort to prevent any waste or abuse. Why…


Justice Department Rejects FBI Proposal to Dismiss FBI Whistleblower Special Agent Robert G. Wright, Jr.

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that the FBI’s proposal to fire Special Agent Robert G. Wright, Jr. has been rejected by the Justice Department. Judicial Watch represented Special Agent Wright in his efforts to reverse the FBI’s decision to dismiss him…


Lobbying San Diego

San Diego’s Union-Tribune has a new piece up on the matter of lobbyists and the troubling amount of influence they have on City Hall. It is the most recent article in a series examining San Diego’s finances and decision making. The article first describes a real scenario where a living-wage…


Corzine Promises to Clean up Corruption

Two days ago, Jeffrey Gettleman wrote in The New York Times about the current governor’s race in New Jersey. Jon Corzine, the Democrat who spent nearly $60 million of his own fortune to win his Senate seat in 2000, is now battling to win the open seat. One of his…


Hillary’s Watch

A story about a thug-like, convicted private detective to the stars in today’s New York Times fails to mention his well-documented connections to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Could it have been an honest exclusion or one of many examples of the “mainstream” media’s enamor with the former president and his…


Florida Judge Removed

An Orlando Florida circuit judge was finally removed from the bench this week by the Florida Supreme Court. Judge James Henson was first suspended by the state’s Judicial Qualifications Commission for misconduct eight months ago, yet he continued to collect his regular annual salary of $139,497 to stay home and…


Inept New Orleans Officials

Could it be that corrupt and inept city officials contributed greatly to all the deaths and injuries caused by Hurricane Katrina? According to a former president of the New Orleans City Council and former Orleans Levee Board member that is exactly the case. Peggy Wilson, a New Orleans city councilwoman…


Laundering Terrorist Money

The world’s largest wealth management firm, UBS, is being investigated by Congress for laundering money for two state sponsors of terrorism, in violation of U.S. Federal Reserve law. The Swiss bank, which operates a massive financial services business in the United States, has helped Cuba and Iran launder nearly $4…


Little Bang For Big Bucks

The United States leads the way in contributing funding to the United Nations according to statistics compiled by UN watchdog, Eye on the UN. The United States has the maximum assessed contribution to the UN regular budget – 22%. In 2005 the assessed amount is $439,611,612. The minimum assessed contribution…


Clinton Friends are Lobbyists and Treasurers of Political Committees

An update to Hillary Watch 2006 Longtime Clinton friend Harold Ickes is currently Treasurer of “Hillary Rodham Clinton for US Senate Committee Inc” (FEC data). Ickes previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Clinton White from 1994 to 1997. He earned the notorious title of ?Director of Sanitation?…


A French Connection to Oil for Food…

Another link has emerged between Kofi Annan and the U.N.’s “Oil for Food” scandal. A former “special adviser” to Annan, Jean-Bernard Merimee, was arrested in Paris this week. Merimee, who also served as a French ambassador to the U.N. in the early 1990s, is accused having received “illicit and lucrative…


Clinton Back in Hollywood Fundraising Game

Less than a year removed from the indictment of her National Finance Director for failing to report the cost of a celebrity campaign fundraiser, Hillary Clinton is back in the Hollywood fundraising game. This today from Variety.com? “For someone who’s not running for the White House, Hillary Clinton will certainly…


Stealing From Children

The former chief of the Roslyn, New York school district has plead guilty to grand larceny charges, admitting that he took millions of taxpayer money to finance a lavish lifestyle that included European vacations on the supersonic Concorde. He also used the money for mortgage payments for homes in Florida,…


City Pension Fiasco

A few months ago the San Diego (California) County District Attorney charged six city officials with felony conflict of interest in the pension-fund scandal that prompted the resignation of Mayor Dick Murphy. Now the FBI has launched a probe that focuses on City Manager Lamont Ewell. The feds recently subpoenaed…

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