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DHS: Inept $1 Billion Bioterror System Is All We Have


Twice-Deported Illegal Alien With Terror Ties, DUI Convictions Gets Sweetheart Plea Deal

The twice-deported illegal alien who plotted a Chicago truck bombing with two of the FBI’s “most wanted” terrorists has received a sweetheart plea deal for yet another violation of U.S. federal law 18 USC § 1326 (Unlawful Reentry of a Removed Alien). In a federal court hearing covered by Judicial…


Administration memo tells border agents they can release drunk drivers

Judicial Watch recently obtained a memo DHS issued to Customs and Border Patrol agents in Tucson, Arizona sector urging them to release drunk drivers. DHS argues these agents do not have to intervene in state crimes and are least liable for being sued if they do not arrest these drivers. However,…


Border Patrol Ordered to Release Drunk Drivers, “Allow Them to Go On Their Way”

The Obama administration has ordered federal agents responsible for protecting one of the nation’s busiest and most crime-infested regions near Mexico to stop apprehending drunk drivers, according to an internal government memo that also concedes an officer that elects to detain them is “acting within the course and scope of…


Will U.S. Senate Pick Amnesty Over National Security?

Americans are on the verge of learning if their new Republican-majority Congress will decide to renege on its constitutional obligation by choosing President Obama’s lawless amnesty over national security. It’s a contentious issue involving funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In mid -January, the U.S. House of Representatives…


Homeland Security Adviser Mohamed Elibiary Goes on Hate-Filled Anti-Christian Rant, Attacks Jindal as ‘Bottom Feeder’


Gitmo releases by Obama based on lies and deception, say critics

President Obama has been releasing many terrorists from Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), which has angered lawmakers and the American people. In fact, a recently released Gitmo detainee–Mullah Abdul Rauf–created an ISIS base camp in Afghanistan to train Muslims to fight on behalf of ISIS. Before he was captured, Rauf was a Taliban paramilitary commander…


Freed Gitmo Captive Opens ISIS Base in Afghanistan

As President Obama frees droves of terrorists—including five Yemenis this week—from the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo news reports confirm that a Gitmo alum who once led a Taliban unit has established the first Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) base in Afghanistan. His name is Mullah Abdul Rauf…


Jimmy Carter Blames Paris Attacks on Muslim Anger With Israel

The only American president to publicly support Islamic jihadists and join a communist dictator to trash the U.S. from a country determined by the State Department to sponsor terrorism blames the Paris attacks on Muslim fury over the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Just when you thought Jimmy Carter couldn’t sink any lower.…


Meth Smuggling at All-Time High on Mexico-Calif. Border

As if there weren’t plenty of good reasons to secure the famously porous southern border, a San Diego newspaper reports a record-high number of methamphetamine seizures at U.S. ports of entry on the California-Mexico border. Figures provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reveal an astounding 300% increase in…


Fraud-Infested Visa Program Grows 700%, Illegal Aliens Deported “In Absentia”

As the year comes to an end, two disturbing stories illustrate how the Obama administration is deliberately compromising national security by drastically expanding a fraud-infested program that lets rich foreigners buy U.S. visas and losing track of 96% of the illegal immigrants recently ordered deported. This is outrageous by any…


US offers $5 MILLION reward for help capturing Saudi al-Qaeda terrorist RELEASED from Guantanamo prison by the George W. Bush administration – and he’s now urging Muslims to kill Americans

In October 2014, the Obama administration started offering a $5 million reward for Ibrahim al-Rubaish, who became an al-Qaeda senior leader in the Arabian Peninsula two years after he was released from Guantanamo Bay by the Bush administration. The Defense Department under the Bush administration released him to a rehabilitation program in Saudi…


Report: Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago studios targeted by terrorists in 2009

Judicial Watch uncovered that Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago studios and the “Sears Tower” (renamed Willis Tower) were the targets of a terrorist truck-bomb plot in 2009. The alleged bomb plotters are Emad Karakrah and Hector Pedroza Huerta, who planned to use a U-Haul-style trailer to carry out their proposed terrorist attacks. Read more about


DHS Amnesty Memo: More Green Cards, Family Parole, Nix DREAMer Age Cap

To prioritize the entry of new illegal immigrants the U.S. government will make it easier to get green cards, remove the age cap on the president’s amnesty for childhood arrivals (DREAMers) and grant parole to family members, according to a senior Homeland Security official with direct knowledge of the administration’s…


Obama’s Amnesty Assault

Urgent: Obama Amnesty Update FCC versus Free Speech Election Integrity Project: The New Hampshire Report Urgent: Obama Amnesty Update Unrestrained, unaccountable, and unhinged … That’s the best way to describe President Obama’s approach toward immigration policy in the aftermath of the election giving Republicans control of both houses of Congress.…


Judicial Watch Sues DHS for Border Crisis Planning Records

Judicial Watch announced today that on September 4, 2014, it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seeking “all records” concerning a February 25-27 Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Field Office Juvenile Coordination meeting.


Bioweapons Expert: Obama Admin. Has Made a ‘Fundamental Mistake’ in Its Handling of Ebola

One of America’s top biochemists and microbiologists, Dr. Serguei Popov, said containment is one of the best ways to stop the spread of Ebola in America, In addition, he has been appalled by the Obama administration’s handling of Ebola in our nation. Judicial Watch first revealed the Obama administration’s plan to…


WHO relying on U.S. to airlift foreign Ebola workers

WHO helped pave the way for Ebola-infected international healthcare workers in West Africa to receive medical treatment in U.S. hospitals, regardless of their citizenship status. The State Department’s commercial contract with medevac aircrafts made this possible, and a State Department internal memo suggested Ebola-infected non-citizens should be admitted


State Dept. Doc Affirms JW’s Report on Obama Plan to Bring Foreign Ebola Patients to U.S.

A shocking government document outlining the Obama administration’s outrageous plan to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment has surfaced, confirming a story that Judicial Watch broke almost two weeks ago. On October 17 JW reported that the administration was actively formulating a deal to admit foreign…


The Fast and Furious Cover-up, Hiding In Plain Sight

When the Obama administration refused to fulfill Judicial Watch’s FOIA request on Fast and Furious documents, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit; then, the court ordered the DOJ to hand over a “Vaughn index” of the documents to Judicial Watch. This index reveals how the Obama administration covered up the Fast…


Ed Henry vs. Earnest: Why Did Obama Invoke Executive Privilege on Holder Fast & Furious Emails?

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