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Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Has Valid SS, Driver’s License

The mainstream media’s love affair with President Obama has apparently led to the omission of a few crucial details involving the recent arrest of his illegal immigrant uncle, who was caught driving drunk after running a stop sign in Massachusetts.It turns out that Uncle Onyango Obama, who is actually mentioned…

Open Borders Movement Flexes Muscle Again

Under intense pressure from the increasingly powerful open borders movement, a major U.S. city is abruptly ending a federal law enforcement partnership responsible for dramatically reducing its record-high crime rate.Known as Operation Community Shield, the program targets violent street gangs by sending special Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to

Obama Starts Suspending Deportations

Keeping its promise to suspend deportations for a broad class of illegal immigrants, the Obama Administration has officially started the process that’s expected to spare tens of thousands from removal in the coming months.Among the first illegal aliens to benefit from the president’s backdoor amnesty plan is a Mexican man…

Obama Officially Halts Deportations

Just when you thought President Obama’s deplorable backdoor amnesty plan had gone too far, his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issues an order halting deportation proceedings against a broad class of illegal immigrants.Additionally, the agency responsible for keeping the nation safe announced that a crucial program (Secure Communities) that’s helped…

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