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Obama Donor, DOJ Prosecutor Spent More Than 1,500 Hours Looking Into IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups

From The Washington Free Beacon: Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch told the Washington Free Beacon that Judicial Watch learned Department of Justice employees were required to track their hours for administrative purposes, and given Bosserman’s position in the IRS investigation, believed this was in the public’s interest and filed a…


Real Power Behind IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal Still A Mystery

From The Daily Caller: An internal IRS document prohibited the targeted applicants from being approved automatically for tax exemption, and agency officials were told to send all such applications to the Orwellian-named Group 7822 to await additional guidance, FBI interviews obtained by Judicial Watch show.


IRS Colleagues Called Lois Lerner ‘Volatile’

From The Daily Caller: Lerner headed the IRS office that targeted conservative and Tea Party non-profit applicants. She sent their tax exemption applications to a bureaucratic “black hole” prior to and after the 2012 election, FBI interviews obtained by the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch show.


Obama-Backing Lawyer Spent 1,529 Hours on IRS Probe

From Newsmax: The lawyer, Barbara Bosserman, spent so much time on the case even though House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, sent a letter to then-Attorney General Eric Holder, according to The Washington Post, protesting that she shouldn’t have been included in the investigation.


Judicial Watch: Obama Donor/DOJ Prosecutor Spent 1529.25 Hours Investigating the IRS’ Targeting of Conservative Groups

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released a letter from the Justice Department admitting that Democratic Party/Obama campaign donor and Justice Department attorney Barbara Bosserman spent 1,529.25 hours investigating the IRS’ targeting of conservative organizations in 2010 and 2012.  According to Federal Election Commission records, Bosserman contributed


Judicial Watch: FBI Interviews with Cincinnati IRS Employees Reveal DC Headquarters Delayed Tea Party Applications

‘DC is like a black hole.’ – Cincinnati Group Manager (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 105 pages of newly obtained Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “302” documents revealing that, beginning in 2010 and lasting through the Obama reelection campaign in 2012, the Obama IRS orchestrated a deliberate policy…


New Revelations in Obama IRS Scandal

New Revelations in Obama IRS Scandal Hillary Clinton Keeps Changing Her Story Obama’s Trip To Climate Conference Cost Taxpayers $4,165,068.40 Heroic Judicial Watch Client Sues against Federal Agents Violation of Constitutional Rights   New Revelations in Obama IRS Scandal This week we revealed to the public more about the IRS’…


Documents indicate IRS officials knew of Tea Party targeting since 2011

From Fox News: Lois Lerner, who oversaw tax-exempt groups for the IRS, and top IRS official Holly Paz “knew that agents were targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny as early as 2011,” the conservative legal advocacy group said in a release Thursday.


Judicial Watch: IRS Officials Knew About Tea Party Targeting

From Newsmax: According to the docs obtained by Judicial Watch, Paz, a senior member of the IRS, was informed in the spring of 2011 that agents in Cincinnati had put out “Be On the Look Out” guides to flag “cases using the tea party term.”


Judicial Watch: FBI Investigation Documents of IRS Scandal

Reveal Top Washington IRS Officials Knew About Targeting of “Tea Party” Groups Two Years Before Disclosing it to Congress and Public FBI interview with IRS senior official reveals: “he thought the cases were being pulled based upon political affiliations” (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 294 pages of new…


Judicial Watch Status Conference in the Case Covering the IRS Targeting Scandal

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announces that a hearing is to be held in the District Court for the District of Columbia on Thursday, April 28, 2016, regarding Judicial Watch’s FOIA lawsuit seeking documents about the Obama IRS’ targeting and harassment of Tea Party and conservative opponents of President Obama…


Obama IRS Corruption Update

Judicial Watch & Allied Educational Foundation to Supreme Court: Protect the Laws that Keep Public Officials Honest Defending the First Amendment against the Obama IRS Only 3 U.S. Airports Require Employee Security Checks JW Gets Props in The Wall Street Journal Judicial Watch & Allied Educational Foundation to Supreme Court:…


IRS sued for refusing to release secret ‘church investigations’ procedures

Government watchdog groups have filed a motion in federal court to compel the IRS to reveal how it determines when to initiate “church investigations” after accusing the tax-collecting agency of “stonewalling” efforts to bring to light its procedures.


ADF asks federal court to tell IRS to come clean on secret rules for investigating churches

Alliance Defending Freedom asked a federal district court Friday to order the Internal Revenue Service to identify records it has withheld for nearly two years that are related to secret procedures for investigating churches.


Obama IRS Scandal Continues

Judicial Watch Presses Ahead with Fight over IRS Criminal Investigation Facts Department of Homeland Security Releases Documents Showing 1,000 Individuals Removed from Terrorist Watch List Judicial Watch in Court over Congress’s Obamacare Exemption Judicial Watch Presses Ahead with Fight over IRS Criminal Investigation Facts The Clinton email matter is


Judicial Watch Continues Fight over IRS Criminal Investigation Facts

Seeks Information on Obama, Democrat Donor Barbara Bosserman’s Involvement in IRS Investigation (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch is asking a federal appellate court to overturn a lower court’s ruling allowing the Obama Justice Department to withhold records detailing the number of hours that agency attorney Barbara Bosserman expended on the…


IRS nixes controversial plan to collect Social Security numbers of charity donors

A wave of complaints forced the IRS on Thursday to withdraw its controversial plan to have nonprofit charities report the Social Security numbers of donors who give just $250 in any given year.


Time to impeach the IRS director

“Look,” wrote Lois Lerner, echoing Horace Greeley, “my view is that Lincoln was our worst president not our best. He should [have] let the [S]outh go.


Lois Lerner had another private email, IRS says

Lois G. Lerner used yet another private email account to do government business, the IRS revealed in a court filing late Monday that tries to clear up confusion over the former agency executive’s email practices.


IRS: Lois Lerner had second secret personal email account (in addition to “Toby Miles”)

Last week, in an August 24, 2015 Status Report, the Internal Revenue Service disclosed that Lois Lerner used a secret personal email account denominated as “Toby Miles.”

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