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Migrants from Terrorist Nations in Texas ICE Center Seeking Asylum


Taking Up Trump Travel Ban, High Court Puts Injunctions on Ice

Giving force to pieces of President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim travel in the United States, the Supreme Court took up the controversial case Monday as its last act before summer recess. Consolidating twin challenges against the executive order, the high court noted that the injunctions put in place against…


Weekly Update: Obama Advisor Susan Rice’s Unmasking Material is at the Obama Library

Obama Advisor Susan Rice’s Unmasking Material is at the Obama Library Judicial Watch Sues for Obama Family Travel and Secret Service Costs President Trump:  Please End the Obstruction on Benghazi Cover-up Documents Supreme Court to Hear Big Case Against Proposed Wisconsin Redistricting   Obama Advisor Susan Rice’s Unmasking Material is…


Judge Frees Illegal Immigrant MS-13 Member Because Of ‘Rights Violations’

An Obama-appointed federal judge in Virginia early this month released a Honduran teen who sold drugs, illegally crossed the U.S. border, and was a member of the violent street gang MS-13. U.S. District Judge Elizabeth K. Dillon ordered the 17-year-old to be released because his “rights had been violated” after…


Migrants from Terrorist Nations in Texas ICE Center Seeking Asylum

The Obama administration insists the southern border is secure, yet dozens of illegal aliens from terrorist nations entered the United States through Mexico and are being held in a Texas Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) processing center. The detainees are nationals of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and they are seeking…


Leadership Summit Panel: Illegal Immigration Crisis

On Monday September 14th, Judicial Watch hosted a panel at its Leadership Summit discussing the crisis of illegal immigration in the United States with Irene Garcia (Judicial Watch Investigative Reporter), Rep. Louis Gohmert (U.S. Congressman, TX-1), Andrew C. McCarthy III (Senior Fellow at National Review Institute), Robert Popper (Judicial Watch…


Judicial Watch Announces September 14 Leadership Summit ‘Washington Corruption and the Transparency Crisis’

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch is proud to announce that Judge Andrew Napolitano will be the keynote speaker at its upcoming Leadership Summit on “Washington Corruption and the Transparency Crisis” on September 14. Napolitano is a senior judicial analyst for the Fox News Channel.  He is also the author of…


Fed Up With FOIA

Is FOIA reform finally at the tipping point? The federal Freedom of Information Act was designed to give citizens prompt access to information about their government. Instead, it’s a bureaucratic nightmare, a vast black hole of years-long delays and heavily censored documents. In recent weeks, a trifecta of powerful federal…


Does Congress write our laws or not?

It seems that the idea of the separation of powers is a foreign concept to many in the federal government. The King v. Burwell debate is an undeniable example.


Despite new directive, Colorado judicial branch refuses documents others provide

The Colorado judiciary has been withholding documents to which the public is entitled under state law. Judicial Watch has been involved in the fight for transparency.


Are religious colleges at risk if Supreme Court approves same-sex marriage?

Fox’s Shannon Bream asks an important question — will religiously affiliated educational institutions lose their tax-exempt status if they disagree with a court-recognized right to same-sex marriage? Answers to that question are murky, at best.


Virginia State Bar now hero of anti-Israel movement

In March, the Virginia State Bar, the state’s licensing agency, abruptly cancelled a planned mid-year seminar in Israel when several members of the organization complained to the VSB Council. Judicial Watch recently filed a FOIA request to find out what was behind the sudden cancellation.


Judicial Watch Reveals Court Dirty Deeds

Watch Judicial Watch Director of Litigation Paul Orfanedes discuss Judicial Watch’s efforts to fight corruption and waste in Los Angeles with the Full Disclosure Network.


Final Word on U.S. Law Isn’t: Supreme Court Keeps Editing


Ad Campaign Slams Supreme Court Secretiveness

A new ad campaign called “Fix the Court” seeks to make the Supreme Court of the United States more transparent, claiming it is the “most powerful,” yet “least accountable” government institution in our nation. This campaign, founded by Gabe Roth, seeks to make the justices’ decisions more open to the…


Law-Breaking Judges Took Cases That Could Make Them Even Richer


IRS Colluded With Dem Rep. to Hound Conservative Group

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) colluded with a Democratic congressman to harass a right-leaning voter integrity group during the tax agency’s illegal witch hunt of conservative nonprofits, according to explosive new emails made public this week by the House Oversight Committee. The emails show that the IRS communicated with Congressman…


Fed Court: Counterterrorism Program Doesn’t Violate Muslim Civil Rights

In a hugely important development—largely ignored by the mainstream media—a federal judge has ruled that a New York Police Department (NYPD) surveillance program to thwart terrorism was lawful and did not violate Muslim civil rights. A coalition of Muslims, including businesses, mosques and individuals, sued the city of New York…


Turk Gave Terrorists Material Support Under “Duress,” May Get U.S. Asylum

A Turkish man denied U.S. asylum after repeatedly furnishing terrorists with “material support” may be eligible to stay in the country after all under a “duress exception,” a federal appellate court has ruled. The incredible case comes out of New York where the United States Court of Appeals for the…


Jude Who Ruled NYPD Racially Profiles Punished

The Clinton-appointed federal judge that ruled New York’s stop-and-frisk program amounts to “indirect racial profiling” got yanked off the case by an appellate court that found the jurist “ran afoul of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges.” It was a painful spanking that one of the city’s newspapers…


Judicial Watch Cited in Gitmo Terrorist Case

A legal filing in the Military Commission proceeding of a Guantanamo Bay terrorist actually credits Judicial Watch with exposing how the Obama administration released sensitive intelligence information to the filmmakers of Zero Dark Thirty. The critically acclaimed movie told the dramatic story of the U.S. raid that killed Al Qaeda…

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