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Court May Force Calif. Prisons to Hire Witches


Sex Reassignment Surgery a Constitutional Right for Convicts

Is costly sex-reassignment surgery a constitutional right for incarcerated felons who label themselves transgender? A federal appellate court seems to think so, ruling last week that one state trampled on an inmate’s rights for refusing to pay for the procedure, which costs around $20,000.   The case comes out of…


Fed Judge Cites Gangsta Rapper’s Profane Song in Ruling

In what could be a first, a Clinton-appointed federal judge in New York has cited a gangsta rapper’s profanity-laced song in an order siding with public housing residents suing the city over their arrests.   The case involves a New York City law that says only residents and their guests…


Judge Orders City To Hire More Black, Hispanic Firefighters

The Clinton-appointed federal judge who referred to a city fire department as a “stubborn bastion of white male privilege” has ordered it to give minority applicants who failed “discriminatory” tests priority hiring and retroactive seniority. That’s in addition to a previous damages award of $128 million for the black and…


Judge To Decide If Whales Get Constitutional Protection

Should animals get the same constitutional protection against slavery as humans? That’s what a federal judge in California will decide after hearing arguments this week from a leftwing animal rights group that claims an amusement park treats captured killer whales like slaves. It marks the first time in U.S. history…


City Council Candidate Yanked Off Ballot Over English Proficiency

Liberals are crying racism in the aftermath of an Arizona judge’s ruling that a city council candidate be removed from the ballot because she doesn’t speak English proficiently enough to hold public office in the state. The case comes from San Luis, a Mexican border town in southwestern Arizona with…


Laser Hair Removal A Constitutional Right For Transgender Inmate

In a classic “only in America” case, a federal court has found that prison officials in one state violated a transgender inmate’s constitutional rights by refusing to provide taxpayer-funded laser hair removal treatments. The bizarre case comes from Massachusetts where a male inmate, who identities as female, is serving a…


Most Of Obama’s Minority Judicial Nominees “Not Qualified”

President Obama’s quest to transform federal courts by appointing unqualified leftist ideologues is worse than previously imagined, according to a mainstream newspaper that reports the notoriously liberal American Bar Association (ABA) has rejected a “significant number” of potential judicial nominees, most of them minorities and women. This is hardly


Court Rules Citizens Can Record Police

Following a number of incidents in which individuals were arrested for videotaping police officers, a federal appellate court has ruled that filming government officials while on duty is protected by the First Amendment as most of the arrestees have claimed.Police departments across the U.S. have long asserted that citizens don’t…

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