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Visa System Overhaul Vulnerable To Terrorism

The U.S. government is showcasing its proven talent for wasting money and compromising national security in a disastrous project to computerize immigration paperwork.It’s bad enough that the costly Homeland Security initiative is grossly over budget and years behind schedule, it also lacks crucial safeguards to prevent terrorists from slipping into the United

Union Workers Campaign For Mayor On Taxpayer Time

While the Wisconsin uprising hogs up most of the news relating to unions these days, public transit employees in Florida’s biggest county are conducting political campaign work for their union-backed mayor on taxpayer time.Facing a recall vote, the scandal-plagued mayor of Miami-Dade County (Carlos Alvarez) created a special “education” committee that allows

Overlap In Federal Programs Wastes Billions Annually

As the already-bloated federal government keeps expanding under President Obama, a new congressional report exposes astounding waste in hundreds of duplicate programs that cost U.S. taxpayers billions annually.Released this week by the bipartisan Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of the United States Congress, the report is sure to enrage

Police Ordered To Stop “Incidental Immigration Enforcement”

The leftist civil rights group that serves as a de facto branch of Obama’s Justice Department is ordering California law enforcement agencies to stop arresting illegal immigrants and ignore federal detainers usually placed on those with criminal convictions or deportation orders.In an a brazen directive to local authorities throughout California, the state with

Emanuel Administration Already Embroiled In Scandal

President Obama’s former chief of staff hasn’t even been sworn in as Chicago mayor and already his administration has been tainted by a major scandal involving the illegal use of public resources to conduct political business.The co-chair of mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s campaign, also a top member of his transition team, quit abruptly…

Global Warming Will Make Food “Dangerous”

In the latest government alert on the ills of global warming, a group of esteemed scientists from several public universities warn that climate change will make food “dangerous” and add to the malnourishment of millions worldwide.The determination comes on the heels of two separate government evaluations revealing that global warming…

ICE Accused Of Racial Profiling For Arresting Criminal Aliens

Federal authorities are being accused of “overt racial profiling” for conducting aMississippi raid that collared dozens of illegal immigrants with violent criminal records, gang affiliations and deportation orders.The four-day raid in the greater Jackson area was part of a Homeland Security plan to arrest illegal alien fugitives wanted for drug crimes, sexual

Police Capt. Punished Over Islamic Event

An Oklahoma police captain with an impeccable service record has been disciplined for refusing to order officers under his command to attend an Islamic event at aTulsa mosque.The unbelievable story was first reported by an Oklahoma news station that obtained internal memos detailing how the Tulsa Police Department punished one of its top brass for dodging…

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