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Alabama Indicts: Corruption or Business as Usual?

In Alabama last week—two weeks before Election Day—a special state grand jury issued a 23-count indictment against Mike Hubbard, the powerful Republican speaker of the state’s House of Representatives. Hubbard immediately proclaimed his innocence, denouncing the long-expected charges as part of “a political witch hunt.” His lawyer condemned “rogue

Cuomo & Moreland

Andrew Cuomo took a serious hit yesterday in the New York gubernatorial primary, when an unknown novice with the whimsical name Zephyr Teachout walked off with about 35% of Democratic primary voters. Cuomo prevailed, with 60% of the vote, but the damage was done and the reason is anything but…

Foreign Influence: New Investigative Tool

Check out the Sunlight Foundation’s new Foreign Influence Explorer. It makes the Foreign Agents Registration Act database searchable–documenting important ways that foreign entities influence U.S. policy and public opinion.

Abu Ghaith Goes to the Jury

Jury deliberations are slated to begin next week in New York in the trial of Sulamain Abu Ghaith—an important case, not least because he is the highest-ranking bin Laden aide to be tried in a civilian court. Abu Ghaith is charged in a conspiracy to kill Americans and provide support…

Herman Bell Follow-Up

A follow-up on our Feb. 10 report on three-time cop killer Herman Bell. Yesterday, a New York State parole board denied Bell’s request for release. The panel concluded that there was a “reasonable probability” that Bell would “not live and remain at liberty without again violating the law.” Bell was…


Dear Reader, Welcome to the new Investigative Bulletin, part of Judicial Watch’s ongoing effort to promote transparency, accountability, and integrity in politics and government. I’m excited to be part of Judicial Watch’s expanded investigative reporting. It’s a time of tremendous ferment in politics and the media: the established political order…

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