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Cash Bonuses At Mismanaged Govt. Agency

Top officials at a U.S. government agency with a history of mismanagement and dismal employee morale have received hefty cash awards for “outstanding leadership” and “extraordinary accomplishment.”  The prestigious honor (Meritorious Executive Presidential Rank Awards) supposedly recognizes a small group of career government employees who are strong leaders that

Rep. “Dollar Bill” Booted From Congress

Voters in a solidly Democrat Louisiana district denied a corrupt congressman embroiled in a massive bribery scandal a tenth term by electing an unknown Republican to represent them in the U.S. House. New Orleans citizens finally came to their senses and booted Representative William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson after electing him…

Homeland Security Official Hires Illegal Immigrants

A high-ranking Homeland Security official, who oversees a large division responsible for preventing illegal immigrants from entering the U.S., has been arrested and charged with hiring them as domestic workers.   For years, the Massachusetts regional director of Customs and Border Protection (Lorraine Henderson) paid illegal immigrants cash to clean…

Obama Cabinet Pick Helps Free Drug Dealer

Barack Obama has chosen a second cabinet member embroiled in Bill Clinton’s deplorable last-minute pardons, this week a California politician who orchestrated the commutation of a jailed drug dealer whose father was a major campaign donor. Weeks after naming an attorney general who helped pardon a fugitive financier and a…

Gov. Knowingly Violated Public Records Law

Court appointed investigators have determined that Missouri Governor Matt Blunt and his staff “knowingly and purposely” violated the state’s public records law when they denied several news outlets access to electronic mail. A Cole County Circuit Court Judge appointed the investigators—one Democrat and one Republican—to probe the violations after

Bailout Advocates Got Big Bucks From Automakers

The auto industry spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying Congress this year and, not surprisingly, a big chunk of the money went to the Michigan legislators who are pushing hardest for a government bailout of the ailing companies.   A major news agency is reporting this week that Michigan…

La Raza Politician’s Son Charged In Gang Murder

The son of a renowned Chicano rights politician who chaired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and authored legislation to reduce gang violence has been charged in a gang-related murder.  A felony complaint says that California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez’s teenage son and three fellow gang bangers beat and fatally stabbed a…

N.Y. Gov. Blasts Judicial Candidate List

Indicating that he’s more concerned with race and sex than merit, New York’s governor expressed outrage that the state’s judicial commission didn’t include enough minority or women candidates to nominate as chief judge.  As per New York’s Constitution, the governor must select a chief judge for the state’s High Court…

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